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“You’re a good-looking A-hole. My wife will adore you. Can you keep an eye on her?”

Responding was my first mistake.
Bastard hired me to entertain her, but I only wanted him.

I hate him.
But God, I want him.

Let’s be clear, I am not queer.
I am straight as they come. I think.

I tell the lies.
I keep the secrets.
I hide the pain.

We tango in the night.
Breathe as one in the dark.
Where he belongs to me.
And I call him mine.

We step into the light.
Belonging together.
Becoming us.
In love. And out.

On…the other side of unhappy.

the other side of unhappy is a forbidden hot summer romance challenging perspectives and perceptions as two men in love chase happiness.
Every story has two sides.
And this is his

the other side of unhappy by Kailee Reese Samuels is an M/M romance with dark elements.
If you are easily offended by such material, please move along.

“This much love ain’t for everyone.”


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6 reviews for the other side of unhappy

  1. Sir Scott

    True love. What most of us aspire to. Having someone who loves you, unconditionally, and will wait and try to help with your broken psyche, is a very rare gift. Dante may be hell to some people, but he is Sal’s salvation.

  2. 83gonefishing

    Y’all this book! This is a MM erotic romance with BDSM notes and the criminal underworld. If that doesn’t suit you, move along.
    If that sounds interesting to you, dive right into this slightly dark at times, coming into ones own story! If you’ve never read KRS before, understand you are not starting at the beginning, but you can 100% still love this book and it’s characters. It’s Sal’s dynamic world, and you’ll love getting lost in it!

    For fellow KRS readers, this is a treat! Less game and strategy in exchange for Sal dropping all his emotional walls and laying his soul bare for another. Sit back and enjoy as Dante becomes the best medicine for Sal’s broken heart.

  3. Kristina Simkins

    I have been reading Kailee’s books for a while now but with every new release her talent continues to blow me away. I’m totally addicted to Sal’s world – the goods the bad, and the ugly. Her exceptional talent to build a world around him that continues to grow, change, and shock me with each new addition is phenomenal! Thanks for writing this awesome world for us to read.🖤🥀

    In TOSoU the Dark Prince and the Cartel son take us on an emotion journey with all the feels. Their story isn’t always pretty and gets dark at times with many twists and turns along the way. I could put this book down, once I read the first page I knew I would be reading straight through to the end. And when I reached said ending of Dante and Sal’s story I wanted more! Pretty boy(Sal) has always deserved the world – to be truly happy!! The happiness and honesty about who he his that Dante is able to help him be okay with is beautiful. These two were born to be enemies, but together they SHINE!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  4. ginaklug

    “You look at me like you’re falling into nirvana,” he whispers….. “You look at me like I mean something to you.” -Chapter 14

    Lucas Salvatore Raniero. The Dark Prince of Boston.
    Dante Alonzo Herrera. King of the Cartel. Heir to Immortal.

    This is their epic love affair. Their stunning fall into love. A lot of the story comes from Dante’s perspective and you will feel like you are falling in love with Sal right along side of him. It’s sweet and dare I say….normal. At least as normal as you can get with a mob boss and cartel king. 😉 Ms. Kailee delivers more of her poetic prose and extraordinary imagery as Sal and Dante take the steps most new couples do. They have history so the chemistry is already there but they are still doing the negotiating thing. There is lots of demon vanquishing and skeletons to overcome but they are incredibly patient with one another as they navigate and forge their own path.

    “Staring in his eyes, I confess, “You are my infinity.” -Chapter 29

    You must read this. As Sal says, “Be wild. Live joyously. Find happiness. If it’s lost, keep searching. Don’t quit.” Their story is unique. Its full of ups and downs but in the end, they reach for their happiness and grab hold of one another. You will swoon. You will fan yourself. You will cry. But most of all, you will smile until your face hurts. Read this! It’s a must.

  5. efigueir

    An incredible love affair between two fierce souls!

    “I am his Master in his spiritual reviviscence. And he is the Master in mine. Two fires. On hotter than hell love.”

    This is one magnificent and unforgettable love affair between to very powerful men. One is the Dark Prince of Boston, the other is King of the Cartel, heir to the Immortal. Dante and Salvatore’s extraordinary love affair captured my heart and pulled me into their hurricane of emotional ups and downs and power plays. I was consumed by their love and captivated by their gentleness and strength. I never wanted their story to end.

    Dante and Salvatore’s story is extremely intense, highly emotional and gut-wrenching at times. Theirs is a love built upon layers of hate, pain, anger, betrayal and rejection all from within their own families and organizations. These two wonderful souls find something alike in each other and decide to forgo the rise in power to give themselves over to love that they both deserve.

    Their attraction to one another is ferocious, wild, savage and filled with an immense amount of sexual chemistry that it oozed off the pages. Dante and Salvatore love deeply, fiercely and without limitations, but they both have demons that they need to face and overcome before they can make a life together work. Salvatore requires a lot of patience and strength from Dante, as he is fighting his inner demons every second in order to come out on top and into the light where their love can shine for all to see. Dante is the perfect man to make Salvatore’s light shine and heart soar.

    “I want to be the one to watch over him. Save him from himself. He’s hot – fresh out of combat. He needs triage. He needs a doctor. He needs a home. He needs my hands. He needs my heart.”

    “I want him – my need festers, morphing into absolutes – I must have him. I will not give him up – for anyone. Not her. Not him. Not them. He is mine. Mine, dammit.”

    Brilliantly written with such poignant words that are weaved into a poetic love story that is filled with remarkable imagery and an undeniable love that will have you swooning, laughing, crying, and will eventually leave you utterly breathless by the end of this amazing story.

    This is definitely a must read for anyone that wants to experience a once in a lifetime love affair between two beautiful souls.

  6. bookemail1979

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    Books2lovenow rated a book it was amazing
    about 5 hours ago
    the other side of unhappy by Kailee Reese Samuels
    the other side of unhappy
    by Kailee Reese Samuels (Goodreads Author)
    Read in June 2021
    The Other Side of Unhappy is a great read. Your really exipernce the joy of two men that don’t consider themselves gay coming together and accepting the freedom of living the way you really are.

    Both Sal and Dante are wonderful characters. Although, both contain parts of stereotypical gal mean in their personalities neither is a stereotypical gay man. In fact, the are written with great depth and nuisance. All sides of their personalities are given a moment to shine in the story and it really added to my enjoyment of the read.

    Sal and Dante are men that grew up in and are part of the Mafia world, so be warned there is violence, discussions of rape, drug use, and child abuse. Plus both men dealing with prejudice in the Mafia world against gay men but especially with their fathers. The Other Side of Unhappy is not always a comfortable read but that adds to the emotional punch of the story and your joy for Sale and Dante when the get their HEA.

    One last comment the side characters are incredibly well written from Iris, to Dom, and even Sal’s daughters.

    This is a book you need to dive into. Give up your preconceived notions of gay relationships and just enjoy Sal and Dante’s journey.

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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