Son of Angel (SONS Series Book 2)

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Dark. Mysterious. Composed.
The well-refined gentleman.

The Unholy are the sons of organized crime lords determined to rule the world. With their ruthless brand of vigilante justice, Dom Gennaro is the enigma.

Keeping secrets safe within, he never cracks in their turbulent world. However, when an unexpected visitor shows up at his doorstep, Dom discovers surrendering the truth may be his only option.

And reveal his greatest weakness.

With unprecedented candor, Dom steps from the shadows to show he is more than just another son. Proving how alluring restraint can be, Dom promises a past worth marveling and a future worth savoring.

Expect the unexpected in this brash look at the men of The Unholy. Fall for the bad boys in the SONS: Deacon Cruz (Son of Saint), Dom Gennaro (Son of Angel), Nick Cristos (Son of Cirque), and Sal Raniero as they forge friendships amidst the chaos of their destiny.

All three SONS books are available in SONS (Three Book Dark Suspense Series) (SONS Series).

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10 reviews for Son of Angel (SONS Series Book 2)

  1. corymdiaz

    Son of Angel is a psychological game of survival of the fittest in which you need to play ahead, because if you don’t the incorrect foundations will crumble.

    The story revolves around the mysterious puzzle that is Dominic Gennaro, son of the Chicago Mafioso Angelo Gennaro. When I read about Dom’s life story my perspective of him chance, I fell in love with him. I suffer with him not having his mother, losing his sister and losing his legs. All that turmoil in his life make him who he is, a Master.

    “We are the sons of evil trying to find the light in the absolute pitch black.”

    The Unholy is a famiglia still wanting freedom from their legacy. But as the story progresses you’ll find yourself in a intricate web of betrayals, confessions, deceit, lies and love.

    “Blood is blood—even when they’re not blood.”

    “Famiglia is not what we’re born with, but what we build.”

    The only thing I can tell you is that at the end the truth shall set you free.

    Son of Angel is a book that you won’t regret reading, is phenomenal.

    If you haven’t read Son of Saint, please do so to understand this book.

    Since the first book I read of Kailee I became mesmerized with her brilliant writing. She doesn’t ceases to amaze me. Every time I read her books they keep topping each other. I love how her books consume you. I can’t wait to read the other books of the Sons Series and any other Kailee Reese Samuels book. More importantly I can’t wait to keep reading about SAL.

  2. jcrockchick69

    How do I even begin to put into words this mindblowing, jaw dropping, who did what to whom story that left me wondering just who is good, bad and evil! Once again Kailee has me buckling up on the fast train to crazyville and what a ride it is. In Son of Angel we learn the story of Dominic Gennaro, Dom, who is the only son of Angelo Gennaro, king of the Chicago mafia. I could not wait to finally read about Dom because he was such an enigma to me. He is a true Master with a mastermind who loves his famiglia, by blood or by brother, and will do any and everything to protect the ones he loves. The problem is I am still trying to figure out just who that is because although i fell in love with Dom, I am still wondering how good he really is. And just when you think you figured him out…SMACK…you get hit with the crazy train again! With plenty of twists and turns, some steamy bromance and lots of questions answered then ending with a what nooo!!, this book will keep you on edge until the very last page. You will need to read this whole series to better understand every character and get the whole picture so if you have not started this journey of Sal with Kailee, get on board and enjoy the ride!!

  3. emilycdorsey

    “Blood is blood. And mine is Gennaro, the son of an Angel with the black heart of a Devil.”

    WTH just happened. I’m all over the place right now. This is technically not a romance book, at least in the normal sense, but make no mistake there is love within this story.

    Angst. Chemistry. Yearning. Jealously. Lies. Loyalty. Love. Sexy AF scenes. So many secrets revealed, I mean a shit ton of answers are given. And let’s not forget the squirming in my seat or the tears down my cheeks. This book shocked me. Mouth gapping, eyes wide, not believing what I was reading. No words can really describe what I’m feeling right now besides MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN.

    “I was no longer Dominic, but Master Dom. Sounded damn sweet. And I planned to utilize my new titular as much as possible.”

  4. stina88andersen

    Wow, just wow…. my mind is a jumble of mess because of all the mindfuckery the author has provided with. All the secrets, all the bombs revealed and all the hot bedroom activities!!

    Dominic Gennaro aka Dom aka Chicago aka Master Dom…what an enigma of a man!
    A stern man with the biggest heart, charismatic and a swoon worthy smile with bedroom eyes!

    “Though you never really know you’re on the edge until some on points it out. You never know how much danger you’re in unless you turn around. The demons of my undoing were right there, ready to tap me on the shoulder and send my broken body spiraling into the abyss. There were times it would’ve been so simple – giving in.”

    I knew Kaci was a badass with some serious big, brass ones. But wow, that lady rocks!

    And Sal and Deacon…love their bromance!

    I’m in love with this world!
    It’s an absolute must 2019 read, and I can wait for the next book!!

  5. athomas52005

    Omg & wth? Once again KRS has left me sitting with my mind blown & wanting more. Son of Angel gives us the story of the mysterious Dom Gennaro son of a Chicago Mafiso Angel Gennaro. So many secrets revealed! The loyalty, secrets, jealousy, & hot af scenes. Intense leaving you hanging on the edge of your seat. Dom loves his psychological mind games. You do not fu*k with that which is mine!

  6. Swenrizzles

    Amazing hott and intense book! Another well done book Kailee!

  7. chelle.gibson

    Sweet Jesus KS has done it again, mind blown on unforeseen twists, freaking hot scenes, and Dom is fanfreakingtastic!! Love love love him, he is kind, caring, loving, witty and dark when needed and really better then I expected him to be. I expected him to be a butthead in some way and he is so devoted. A must read I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next in this series..

  8. natibest92

    When I tell you I will never get enough of Sal and Dom omg you won’t understand. SOA is super sexy, captivating, and hands down a glued to your face read. Kailee has stolen my heart with her words and I never want it back.

  9. dmharvey

    Wow! This dark romance is another addictive, intriguing, twisted, and intense thriller that totally BLEW…MY…MIND. Kailee Samuels manages to weave a grippingly dark and twisted plot with artfully developed main characters, and she does a wonderful job of setting the back drop of this story. A compelling storyline, mind-games, obsession, mystery, jealousy, and secrets–this story will have you on the edge of your seat. This is definitely one of the most mentally and emotionally taxing reading. This is a story about the sons of God, Saints and Kings who refused to be the successor/heir of their father’s empire. They wanted to rule the world their own way—without getting caught by their father’s arrangement, which could end in death. Dominic Gennaro, son of Angel Gennaro, is the oldest enigma of all and he is handsome, kinky, mysterious, and protective of those he loves. Now, we get a chance to see how the mysterious Dom dominates control. We also see the other strong charismatic characters that we love—Deacon Cruz, son of Victor Saint Cruz of New Orleans, Nico (Nicky) Cristos, son of Delarte Cristos, and Sal Raniero, son of Cesario Raniero. Will the four heirs be able to put their plan in motion without being caught by their father’s henchmen? What is the arrangement that the heir’s fathers put into place? You will be flabbergasted. There are several twists and turns within the storyline. The scenes are well written, fast-paced and flow smoothly from one scene to the next. The book will pique your interest and draw you in from the beginning to the very end. You will need to read Son of Saint before this one—binge read both books, you won’t regret it!!

  10. mimi

    “You do not fuck with that which belongs to me.”

    So, here I am, staring at my curser, devastated by the bomb, or should I say, bombs that KRS just dropped on us in Son of Angel.

    I didn’t know what to expect, but after all, when it comes to that author, the best way to enjoy the book is not to expect anything and to simply enjoy the ride. And speaking of the ride, buckle up, Son of Angel is truly dizzying. Since I finished it last night, I’ve been trying to process it all: the emotional/psychological rollercoaster, the crazy twists, the complexity of the storyline.

    Dominic Gennaro (Dom), son of the Chicago mafioso Angelo Gennaro is a true calculator. To say that he is a complex man is an understatement, after reading his story, he still surprised me. Let’s be honest, at the beginning I didn’t even like him. I felt for him, was intrigued by that silent and regal man. As the story unfolded, Dom grew on me, I understood this enigmatic and calculated man a little better, I found him sweet at times and very sexy most of the time… until bam I took a bucket of ice on the head. That guy is a mystery, his determination to protect those he loves knows no limit. And let me tell you, you’d better be at the top of his list!

    Be ready for the Master.. and mastermind.

    Son of Angel is very psychological; the power play, manipulations, betrayals and deceit run deep. And be prepared, you’ll feel every shade of the hurt.

    The tone was undoubtedly darker than in Son of Saint: the author superbly explored the manipulation and shed a new light on events from the previous books. The shift of perspective, the unveiling of many truths gave me chills, the suspense and tangle ties riveted me to the pages. I felt like a puppet in the author’ skilled hands, feeling every single emotion the characters felt.

    Son of Angel is a book that I highly recommend to readers who love to be sucked into a story, and intricate world, and experience the addicting and beautiful and scorching hot mess that are the Juliet books.

    NB:This book is not a standalone, start the series with Son of Saint!

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