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Kailee Books are an interconnected saga focused on ONE book boyfriend, SAL RANIERO, with various shades of DARK romance.

BDSM, MAFIA, romantic suspense, psychological thriller, and realism.

The TAT Books encompass all of my elements in a genre-busting style.

Juliet is the lightest; He (Book 2 of She/He Duet) is the darkest.

Recommended starting books: Juliet, 22, Bad Girl, A&E, She/He, or Poppy. 

The Story of Salvatore (SOSBOX)

Sal’s beginnings with Juliet, BDSM, mafia, love, and assassin work.

 The Story of Salvatore (4-book set)

A rare opportunity arises for Sal as his courtship with Kaci begins.

Kaci and Sal discover, not every romance is full of bliss.

Kidnapped and trained to become an assassin.

Sal puts his own feelings aside and marries Kaci.

Standalones with the Juliet cast

A very ugly cry as Sal says goodbye to Kaci Hope.

Travel back to 1955 as Anna Ford proves to be one badass bitch. Through her mafia connections and strategic dealings, she builds the fetish school in Texas, Juliet.

The Juliet Collection

Debut. Worldbuilder. Sal & Iris. Their story continues in the TAT Books.

Deleted “spoiler” scenes from Juliet.

  • JULIET II – Coming Soon!

a Tomb of Ashen Tears Books

Iris & Sal’s Epic Mafia Romance continues from Juliet

Sal & Iris deepen their connection as the truth, lies, and betrayal surface. Fans of Sal do not want to miss this series! This series is the author’s personal favorite!

RIDE Series

Sal’s Association with MC Bad Boys

RIDE series (3-book set)

Meet Amber and Dale as their love story is told in reverse.

Troubles arise between Amber and Dale as he negotiates an unforgivable deal with Sal.

With Amber and Dale’s break-up on the horizon, they discover how to love without being together.


Limited One-Year Release Fantasy Dream Sequences

The entire cast of Juliet is plunged into the sea with mermaid and pirate costumes. Think Halloween for this unique spin with the cast.

  • 2019 Annual – Title Coming Soon!

SONS Series

Sal’s Bromances

Meet Deacon Cruz, Sal’s best friend.

Meet Dominic “Dom” Gennaro, Sal’s former Master and mentor.

Meet Nico “Nicky” Cristos, Sal’s personal hitman. Very dark. Fan fave!

  • SON of MASTER – Coming Soon!

Meet Jason “Tor” Torrente, Sal’s research assistant, and delve into Sal’s childhood in Boston.

Sal Raniero Thrillers

Mental illness. Self-harm. Bleu & Alex.

  • She/ He (She/He – A Duet) (also available as a set She/He)

Trafficking. Pitch black darkness. Natalie and Joe.

Domestic abuse. Very graphic. Poppy and Abel.

To be read after She/He, Sal’s interrogation of Red.

  • Hey Pretty: A Sal Raniero Thriller – Coming Soon!

Sal Raniero Thrillers are in-depth dark psychological thrillers involving his work and focus heavily on cases. Sal usually headlines with the main characters. A&E, She/He, and Poppy were the author’s first books into this page-turning, twisting genre. However, Unspoken is the first book labeled as a “Sal Raniero Thriller.”

  • Madness (Sinister Fairytales) – A Dark Alice in Wonderland Retelling

Books published under Kailee Reese Samuels and/or Kailee Samuels are the same genre style.

All books are available in paperback on Amazon.

For SIGNED paperbacks, visit my shop.


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