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I was in debt when a mob boss hired me to kill his son.
But with a dreadful gaze and menacing grin, he commanded my heart.

He is determined to destroy the mafia, but I just want to live one more day.

What do I do? I help him.

He protects me from his father.
I play his dangerous game.

No one escapes the criminal underworld for free.
There is a price to pay.

Mine is surrendering to his rule.

And keeping his one secret safe.

Salt Kissed Love is the first book in a Tomb of Ashen Tears (TAT Books).
148k+ words; 76 chapters.

A continuing dark fiction saga, Kailee Reese Samuels’ a Tomb of Ashen Tears series serves a web of lies, betrayal, and love set within a turbulent mafia world. Suitable for 18+. Please be advised this book contains emotionally charged themes. TAT Books are intense, addictive, and not for the faint of heart.

If sensitive to dark elements, TAT Books may not be your cup of tea.




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2 reviews for Salt Kissed Love (TAT1)

  1. emilycdorsey

    “Together, we merge into one and he is the dark prince of my salvation and I am the angel of his sins.”

    There are no words that can describe my feelings and emotions for this book properly but I will try my hardest. Devastation, hopeful, heartbroken, love, despair, happiness and longing. I could tell from the prelude that this one was going to put me through the wringer.

    “We seem destined to always be somewhere between the blissful heaven of love and the hell of disgust.”

    Juliet is a MUST read before you can even begin to understand the world of SKL.
    A lot of things are explained and many answers are given to lingering questions. Sal presents yet another side of himself and once again I’m caught in his web. He is still broken but is evolving into a beautiful, strong dominant. His mind is set on who he wants and heaven help anyone who gets in the way.

    “I need Serene’s kiss of leather and want a certain someone special on her knees. The revelation changes me. And the me I was before… Well, he disappears, too.”

    Iris…holy shite…Iris blew my mind in this book. I’ve always loved her since the beginning and I feel no matter what I will continue loving her. Did she piss me off? Hell yes, no doubt. Probably one of the biggest shocks ever. She has grown so much since Juliet and I’m excited to see how she will grow from here. Sal runs through her veins and I believe no matter what she will be forever bound to him. I wish I could go on and say more but I don’t want to spoil anything.

    “The one my soul seeks safe harbor within. The one my spirit believes as my own. My halcyon devil and my dirty savior. And we are more. More than the hate. More than the love. More than words…”

    This is not a mindless read. No skimming allowed. You need to read every line to understand what is going on and right when you think you have it figured out…Be prepared for another turn in the plot. This is what I love most about Kailee’s writing. I think I know what is going to happen but then time after time I am proven wrong. She always keeps me guessing and on the edge of my seat the entire journey. Don’t even get me started on that ending…WTH?? I’m stunned and at a loss for words.

    “We are perilous. We are violent. Sal and I are caged.”

    Since Juliet I have always been and will forever be TeamSal and TeamIris. I want them to find their balance and their dark, twisted happily ever after. This book is simply breathtaking. Another exceptional read from Kailee Reese Samuels!! I am, not so patiently, waiting for the next book.

    “Iris was a bad girl. A really bad girl. And I am going to be the mofo to punish her for her sins.”

  2. mimi

    There are some authors’ work you simply can’t stay away from. Kailee Samuels is undoubtedly one of them; every time I finish one of her her stories, I long to read the next one.
    “A night to remember, a day never to forget.”

    With Salt Kissed Love, she puts the accent on Iris and Sal’s story and, OMG, was it good!!! This couple is fire, danger, heartbreak and whiplash.
    They are messed up, perfectly imperfect, real. They infuriated me, made me cringe and scream, and yet, they are those characters you love and root for, no matter what. The complexity of their couple, the asset versus the target, proved to be challenging, beautiful, intoxicating. And so addicting. Emotionally intense, SKL stirred some strong reactions in me. Jealousy, deceit, doubts, trust issues, betrayal, lust, love, and friendship run the story. Hang on, that is pure craziness.
    “Our relationship is a complicated, misunderstood encyclopedia of psychological mind fuckery and we speak a language unto ourselves.”
    You can count on the author to make you think, to keep you riveted to her words. Between the sensuality, the pain and the hurt, the thrilling storyline and the multi-layered plot, you’ll never know what’s coming to you, and when it does… Boom, it’s going to blow you away!!!
    “We sin with one another as we soar over the edge and fall.”

    Collect the pieces of the puzzle, add more to the bigger picture, see the events in another light, let the story unfold. Enjoy the experience….

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