Every Minute I Love You (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 3)(TAT3)

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Book 3 of TAT Series

His vengeance written in blood.

She is the heir to a forbidden fortune.
He is the only son of a mafia family.

With the criminal underworld hot on their tail, Sal Raniero hid his true love, Iris Nakamura, far away from the violence. With her narrowly escaping their crosshairs, he manipulated the system to work in their favor, but with his father arranging his marriage to another woman, Sal and Iris are quickly running out of time.

The invitations are sent. The cake is ordered. The gown is fit.
The couple is mismatched, flawed from the beginning.
And someone is bound to be hurt.

Choice becomes the invisible obstacle Sal and Iris must overcome.

Believing in their precious intimacy, Iris must decide how much blood she will shed for the man she loves. Inching closer to an unwanted future, Sal must choose between fighting the will of his family or flying with the desire of his heart.

a Tomb of Ashen Tears is an ongoing mafia saga in one world following the same characters throughout the series. Not a “traditional” romance. Love is a winding, sometimes dark road; Iris and Sal’s happily ever after promised at the end.

TAT Books bring an epic-length love story with heartbreaking tragedies and beautiful entanglements. Books 1 and 2 are intentionally slower-paced to build up the backstory. The cast kicks it into high gear in book 3, increasing intensity in each subsequent installment.

Also available in TAT MAFIA Series Love🌈Edition.

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3 reviews for Every Minute I Love You (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 3)(TAT3)

  1. emilycdorsey

    “Be brave. Be strong. Be unapologetically in fucking love with me. Because I love you more than words.”

    Dayummm……HOLY HELL!!!! EMILY was freaking ahhmazing!! I swear KRS writes solely for my tears. Happy tears, sad tears, heart in my throat this can’t be happening tears. SO DAMN GOOD!!! The wedding is coming and Sal has an impossible task to complete. Will he figure out everything in time or lose the one he loves more than words?

    “We live, discard, and move on. We only carry what we can; we only forget when we forgive; we only love when we sacrifice.”

    I felt all the pain, yearning, betrayal and love as if it was happening to me. A lot is explained and my hate list is growing. There were touching moments that made me want to hug tight certain characters and put others in my pocket and protect them forever. We are given a little humor when you least expect it which breaks some of the tension. There were definitely times that I wanted to hurt a bish!! Needless to say I had several WTF moments.

    “The only way to heaven is through the nightmare of love…”

    Sal and Iris have been miles apart for some time now but there is some good that has come from their tragic situation. They both are finding themselves and becoming more confident, brave and all around badass. They are becoming who they were meant to be. I have loved watching the growth of their characters and love for one another. And Deacon really brought his A Game to the table in this book. He is is phenomenal.

    “He is neither fire nor water, but wind. I need his breeze to survive as he brings clarity and surges my cinders to a blaze.”

    The ending was beautiful. Simply beautiful. If you are looking for an intense sizzling dark mafia romance filled with suspense, love and angst you need to read this series!!!

    “I am eternally and forever yours and you are mine.”

  2. jcrockchick69


    How do you put into words all the depth and emotions that come from reading a book? Now imagine it over and over again from an incredibly talented and sometimes evil with a dirty mind and lots of dirty words author who is also flower child sweet. I know I have said this before but I can not stress enough that if you have never read a KRS book and met Sal you are absolutely missing out. Kailee has written 23 books in this crazy world of Sal and every book just keeps getting better and better, so much so that she has ruined my brain for any other book because all I crave is my Sal! Emily is the next installment and let me just say that there is a lot going on here so be prepared for questions to be answered, lots of betrayal and yes some will die! Without giving too much away, Emily is the growth of Sal and Iris and what each one will sacrifice to find their own HEA. It is also more Sal and Deacon, their in depth relationship and just how much they will do and go through to love and protect one another. Sal is older and becoming his own man. One that has to make choices, good or bad, to protect not only himself but the one’s he truly loves. He learns who will be by his side, who has stabbed him in the back and who is just plain crazy! Year’s have gone by and if you think you know Iris guess again. She has now grown into a strong woman who knows her place and just may be worthy to be Sal’s queen. And just when you are about to get to the end…BAM…crazy! I love this entire series and love that Kailee gives what she loves, not the same old formula but something completely different. It is exactly what drew me in and why Im all aboard the crazy train!!❤

  3. athomas52005

    Every time I read one of these lil books, I find myself sitting trying to process it all. Then how to write a review that will do it justice. It never feels right to me no matter what I put in here.
    KRS is one of a kind. You just have to dive in to the world she has created & live with the characters. Sal is growing up! We are now starting to see him take charge & go after the things he wants. Sal and The Unholy are making a name for themselves, getting where they need to be. So grab some bubbles, cake, and some tissues. You will need the tissues this one made me cry. KRS Thank you for being a one of a kind writer & giving us these BIG amazing books! I’m so ready for more!!

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