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I was a teenager when I ran away to Las Vegas determined to make it on my own. The choice was easy—stay for an ordinary marriage or escape for an extraordinary life. I took a chance on myself, trusted in fate, and boarded the bus bound for the unknown.

In the glitzy glamour of the showgirl scene, I entertained the famous, the elite, and the mafia. But what I never expected was the invitation from a mysterious stranger to land at my feet and invite me to explore my darkest desires.

With the mob hot on my trail, I decided to use my well-honed, entrepreneurial skills to advance my game and play a better one than their own. I wasn’t just another pretty face, but a cunning, ruthless bitch hellbent on getting what I wanted.

My name is Anna Ford.

This is my story.

And how it all came to be.


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9 reviews for BG

  1. natibest92

    When I read Juliet I knew I loved Anna Ford, and knew she had a story to tell, but baby I was not prepared for it. Young Anna has blown my mind and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have fallen in love with yet another of KRS books. If I’m wrong I promise you I don’t want to be right.

  2. jennabostick

    I don’t even know where to begin. I absolutely adored the story of Anna’s beginning. I had so many different emotions about the triangle of Anna, Jake, and Luca. From absolutely adoration to literally asking out loud “WTF”. Kailee did it again with drawing the reader in and holding them captive from start to finish. Cannot wait to continuing Sal’s story!!!

  3. Swenrizzles

    Kailee you knocked it out of the park once again with another amazing book! You see Anna grow from 15 to 75 and learn so much about her.

  4. starorchids

    Sometimes to get to the top and to succeed, you have to be a bit of a bad girl. Fighting her way to the top, handed a crap hand and turning it into something better that she can call her own, that she worked hard for, sacrificed for is what this story is about. Come learn about one woman who knew that to keep pushing through life, you have to keep your head high and be a bad b*tch.

  5. chelle.gibson

    This author never fails to amaze me with her twists, turns, intense emotions and on the edge of your seat anticipation with sizzling sex scenes to put the cherry on top. Anna Ford tho you wouldn’t expect it holy crap has this woman been through hell and back. A must read that I know I’ll be rereading again soon

  6. emilycdorsey

    “We don’t stay young and beautiful forever, but believe me when I say being a bad girl has no age limit.”

    I was beyond ecstatic when Ms. Samuels announced that she was writing Anna’s story. She once again amazed me with her words. The flow of the book is phenomenal. I felt like I was part of the story and that it was written specifically for me. Everything and everyone connects in some little secretive way. We are giving so much history and get to witness the birth of Juliet. Of course this wouldn’t be a Kailee Samuels book unless there were a few tears shed and a couple of mind blowing twist. Anna is brave, bold, and beautiful. Be prepared to bow down to the true queen of Juliet.

    “I wasn’t coming home to play good girl. I was coming home to be the wicked bitch.”

  7. candyaw

    In Bad Girl we enter another dynamic chapter of the Juliet world. Anna Ford is the founder of Juliet & this is her story. We meet a young Anna who has run away to Las Veges to escape the life she did not want to live in Texas. She discovers a life that she is both exciting & dangerous. She uses it to her advantage but it involves many dangerous men. Her story evolves from those encounters in Las Vegas to time in Europe than back home to Texas. She struggles with the love she has for two men & comes to understand that they both have a place in her life but not how she pictured them. The story is told to Sal as Anna is ready to confess a long held secret about her life & her love. Once again, Sal must learn a hard truth that will shake him but ultimately make him more determined to meet his final goal.

    Kailee Reese Samuels has done it again by giving us Juliet fans (and soon to be Juliet fans) an indepth look into the story behind one of Juliet’s key characters. She writes with a gift to take the reader on an exploration that is full of many emotions. It is a roller coaster ride for both Anna & the reader. This book is an absolute must for read & an empowering journey for our dear Grand Dame Anna Ford. Thanks Kailee.

  8. mimi

    We were beauty. We were magic. We were unstoppable.  After I finished Big Girl, I had only one remaining question: Can this author’s work get any better? I’m in awe of KRS’ words, of this book, in awe of Anna.  I’ve always loved this character since I met her in The Initiation, but now? Her independance, strength, determination and maturity make of her one of the most fascinating heroine I have ever read.  Her playfulness. Her freedom. Her ambition. Her intelligence. Each one of her traits was so endearing I connected with her from the start and found myself utterly immersed in her world, in Vegas sparkling casinos, in the old chateau in France and in the debris and renovations in Texas. BIG GIRL is the proof (if you even needed one) that you can’t impose yourself limits as to what YOU THINK you want and don’t want to read; you just have to trust Kailee Reese Samuels to let the words flow and lead you through her characters’ feelings. The justess of the tone and emotions is fabulous. It’s at turns (and sometimes all at once), beautiful and magic, raw and painful, sweet and gentle. I cried, hurt with Anna, laughed and smiled, felt her guilt, and passion.  “There are times when a woman keeps secrets to preserve the future.”  Anna’s story is about love, painful, tragic, epic, impossible. But most of all about finding the freedom she has always needed. She made errors, experiences, met a lot of people but never lost her fire and who she was. It’s what I loved the most about her story. Even in her submission, she still found a way to show who she was. This emotional rollercoaster will break and heal you. And again. Its exquisite sensuality, its artistic erotism will leave you craving for more, its intensity will draw you in, but as always with this author, can you guess where you’re going to end up at? The depth of all the characters combined with the depth of the storyline is brilliantly handled. To watch Anna play in this Man’s World, and make herself a place into it, is a treat like no other. Find out how Juliet came to life, how early on everything started, and you will come back for more; with an ending like this one, you will have no other choice!!!

  9. corymdiaz

    At the age of fifteen when her mother died, Anna didn’t wanted to be the responsible adult of her two older brothers. She decided to lie about her age and go to Vegas. Sin city.

    She begins living the life of a Showgirl. In the process she meets “The Suits”.

    “When I left Texas, I wanted not only to survive but succeed.”

    This is the story of Anna Ford. The story of a strong independent woman, that isn’t afraid to tell what she thinks. This book takes you through the journey of loving two men.

    Kailee Samuels is a brilliant author and like every time she didn’t disappoint with this amazing story. When you read Bad Girl you’ll be at the edge of your seat and you’ll feel like your part of the story. And like Kailee style be prepared for the whirlwind of emotions.

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