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⚡⛈️⚡ CHASING STORMS by Kailee Reese Samuels

Things don’t always go accordingly to plan.

Sometimes they change in a blink, a breath, a heartbeat.

I was raised where men had a ring emblazoned on their back pocket, a hat on the dash, and a loaded gun rack. Every man I ever knew had a sharp knife in their jeans and rope in their truck just in case. And everyone knew everyone’s business cause that is what made us family.

I grew up where you didn’t wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day and to do so was almost as bad as killing someone. We went to church on Sundays, had picnics with our neighbors, and left the windows open at night. I left as a teenager determined to leave the middle of nowhere for the big city.

I’m all grown up now, and my little hometown ain’t ever felt a supercell storm like me.

I hustle with the best, lay it down, crack it open, and find the way in, but I’m not the one who is dangerous.

That’s them.

And I wasn’t expecting the offer they put before me.

I’m in real trouble.

And so is my heart.

I need shelter.

And it won’t be with him.

No matter what he says.


Chasing Storms by Kailee Reese Samuels is a standalone, dark mafia romance.

Suitable for 18+.


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6 reviews for Chasing Storms

  1. katselk

    This book is about one of my favourite characters Randy. You get to know a bit about him in other books by Kailee, but this book is all him. He is assigned to find a woman who has information his boss needs. What he didn’t expect to find was a twenty two year old woman who he would fall in love with. She finds herself messed up in the mob world because her father wants to destroy them all. She wasn’t looking to fall in love and marry into that world. This is a must read for anyone who loves the writings of Kailee Reese Samuels. This is a stand alone book and a quick read and well worth the time.

  2. Sir Scott

    (Or is it damned, because I like this?)
    Definitely gets a bit kinky around a third of the way in, and near the end. Not unexpected. I do think there are a few people here who are (incorrectly) convinced of their own immortality. (And I am not referring to Sal or Deacon, either)
    Beth is quite the handful!

  3. jaynegibson

    I’m such a fan girl of Kailee Reese Samuels. She never, ever disappoints in her writings and she has, once again, given us a phenomenal story.

    Stormy and Randy are such interesting characters, full of depth and personality. The story is attention grabbing and held my interest all the way through. It flowed so well, so perfectly. But this is not unusual for KRS, not at all. I loved every page.

    I will always recommend the stories created by this very talented author. She will take the reader on quite a satisfying journey through her well-created and fascinating worlds. Highly recommended.

  4. ginaklug

    A basically insta-love story, this incredible story is all about Randy and Stormy. Randy we have met before in KRS books, but this is his full story.

    Stormy was a mission. Find her, get answers, train her to join the team. He never expected to fall in love, but she surprised him. “I need a fearless soul, ready to burn through my pages and rewrite the chorus of my heart with all the love he has to give. All the while, understanding that I am different.” And for him, she became …..”a storm worth fighting an unforgettable battle over.”

    You will love this. You will especially love Stormy’s interactions with Sal. She calls him, “chaos and nirvana in one package deal.” She’s smart and totally BA and I only wanted more.

  5. 83gonefishing

    For those new to KRS, this full length book is a stand alone gem is built in a world her loyal readers are already intimately familiar with, a cast we love, or love to hate. The risk for is missing out on everything else you planned on reading this summer, because you will want to know and love them like the rest of us. Be warned, this is not intended for those overly sensitive people. It’s intended for grown folks, and has mature subject matter, language, violence, and sexual content. And it is fire!
    For those of whom already know and love KRS… this one is small but mighty! Randy and Stormy lead the way in a make or break situation for Sal’s operation. With more insight into the criminal underworld of Juliet than you will know what to do with. Meet Stormy, a woman who was born with a warrior sprit willing to do whatever it takes to protect her child. And reconnect with Randy, a man who has a rich history all his own. These two have no problem coming together in the bedroom, or bonding over her daughter. But can they trust one another with the real?

  6. emilycdorsey

    “Men aren’t the only ones who evolve into demons.”

    I freaking loved Chasing Storms!! Randy is such a gentleman and so unbelievably hot!!! This book makes me want to jump on the back of his bike and ride off into the sunset even more then when I was first introduced to him in the She/He duet. Holy hell, I did not see some parts coming at all!! Sexy, suspenseful and ducking brilliant with a few moments thrown into the mix that made me laugh! So damn good! Highly recommended!! 

    “My journey starts and ends with a Storm I’ve been chasing.”

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