She/He: A Dark Romance Duet (Complete Two Book Dark Romantic Suspense Series) (She/He – A Duet)

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She’s got such a pretty, innocent face.
And he’s been watching her. Stalking her. And waiting to make a move.

When a strange twist of fate finally lands Joe and Natalie together, the sparks instantly fly. Their relationship quickly develops into a romance, but her distance and his secrets undermine any hope of stability. It isn’t happily ever after when the truth surfaces. No light exists in their emotionally crippling pitch-black darkness.

How far will Joe go for love?
Can he save Natalie before it’s too late?

She won’t feel a thing.
… Until she feels everything.

Will he get what he wants, or will she sacrifice the love?

The demons have Natalie trapped.
And Joe is about to unleash his monster in her hell.

Delve deeper into the unforgettable love story of Joe and Natalie.

She isn’t just a newlywed but a survivor, searching for the light. With secrets revealed, they must come face-to-face with those haunting her past. But it isn’t just a matter of forgiveness in Joe’s mind. Revenge is necessary as he aims for the absolute destruction of her tormentors.

Can Joe save her and still keep her love?
Or will he become the man she most feared—the one to love her unconditionally?

She feels everything he is.

Good enough for now, good enough forever.
Sacrifice the demons and conquer the love.


Available as individual books.

After She/He, dive deeper into Sal’s investigation in Unspoken (Hey Pretty Prequel): A Sal Raniero Thriller (She/He – A Duet).

To delve further into Sal’s covert work as a spy, read a Tomb of Ashen Tears series (TAT Books).

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1 review for She/He: A Dark Romance Duet (Complete Two Book Dark Romantic Suspense Series) (She/He – A Duet)

  1. starorchids

    She: So many emotions ripped from me…some at the same time, gutting me, leaving me bare. This book is dark, raw, twisted and will leave you breathless. I couldn’t read fast enough. This story will rock you, shake you, break you and leave you open and vulnerable. Prepare yourself….Dark romance lovers, welcome.

    He: The psychological thriller continues in HE (part two of the She/He Duet). This book takes everything you think you know, and flips it upside down and wrecks your thoughts like a Category Five Hurricane. This book is for those readers who like the dark and laugh in the face of triggers. Come step into the pitch dark and leave everything you know at the door…

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