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Joe is hellbent on saving her, but Natalie’s hell is the only salvation she understands.

After stalking her on social media for several weeks, a traumatic, life-changing event brings the pair together. Charming her with his calm demeanor, Natalie soon discovers a strong attraction to Joe’s determined spirit. The relationship quickly develops as Joe and Natalie wind into a corkscrew of a seemingly endless pit of obstacles determined on destroying their love.

The secrets and lies twist and turn in this packed psychological thriller. Told predominately from Joe’s viewpoint, it will leave the reader questioning—how far would you go to find love? Will Joe be able to save Natalie from herself before it is too late?

She won’t feel a thing.

… Until she feels everything.

With an explosive, jaw-dropping ending,

She will leave you reeling with the possibilities to come in the riveting second part of the duet, He. Natalie is good enough for now, but Joe wants them to be good enough forever.

Will he get what he wants or will she sacrifice them both?

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1 review for She/He

  1. starorchids

    She: So many emotions ripped from me…some at the same time, gutting me, leaving me bare. This book is dark, raw, twisted and will leave you breathless. I couldn’t read fast enough. This story will rock you, shake you, break you and leave you open and vulnerable. Prepare yourself….Dark romance lovers, welcome.

    He: The psychological thriller continues in HE (part two of the She/He Duet). This book takes everything you think you know, and flips it upside down and wrecks your thoughts like a Category Five Hurricane. This book is for those readers who like the dark and laugh in the face of triggers. Come step into the pitch dark and leave everything you know at the door…

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