The Story of Salvatore (Complete Four Book Dark Romantic Suspense Series) (The SOS Series)


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One thing is on his mind, and it isn’t what you think.
More than anything, Sal hates losing.

As the only son of the Boston mob boss, he is shunning a legacy he doesn’t want. He doesn’t like his father or desire to follow in his footsteps, so he runs off before the grim circumstances become dire consequences.

Once in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas, he finds a job at a bar where his addictive charm and contagious smile captivate the clientele. Unexpectedly, a mysterious young woman threatens to shift his entire world with a tempting offer.

Her quirky lure is irresistible, but her life isn’t as happy as it seems. Her dangerous game quickly evolves into a mess of secrets, lies, and betrayal. She thinks he will buckle with her deception, but Sal’s mafia blood runs deep, proving to be the stuff of legends.

 The Initiation 🖤 Tea for Two 🖤 Grunt 🖤 Hopechest

Available as individual books.

To delve further into Sal’s life, read a Tomb of Ashen Tears series (TAT Books).

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