The Story of Salvatore (Complete Four Book Dark Romantic Suspense Series) (The SOS Series)

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Over 900 pages of SAL RANIERO’s backstory bound together The Story of Salvatore (SOSBOX). 

The SOS Series :

The Initiation

Tea for Two



Uncover the reasons behind his pain, learn his hidden secrets, and delve into his lucrative web of associations. Ride alongside as he grows from the submissive golden boy of Juliet into a Dominant to behold. 

Starting with The Initiation, Sal explores his need for pain, entertaining thirteen Masters. Charming his way through the weekend, he is left to decide between two and chooses both. In Tea for Two, he discovers that not every trinity is holy when confronted with an unimaginable loss. The betrayal and lies collapse his world as he discovers not everything is what it seems. Taken hostage in Grunt, he is forced to determine who he truly is. With his body broken, his mind and heart follow in this paralyzing round of redemption. Returning home to an uncertain future in Hopechest, Sal challenges the real meaning of love. The Pixie holds his heart in her hands as she lures, “No more excuses. No time to fight. Just love me.”



And dangerous.

Sal Raniero finds trouble at every twist and turn.

Hold on tight and get ready to ride with one tough bastard and an unforgettable man.

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1 review for The Story of Salvatore (Complete Four Book Dark Romantic Suspense Series) (The SOS Series)

  1. nrslalee00

    THE INITIATION-This is Sal story pre Juliet. It goes into detail of how and why he came into this lifestyle in his teen years. I loved this well written story with its different POV’s. It was nice to get some more info on Sal and how he came to be. I love that the author writes from a different place when it comes to BDSM reads and not afraid to go with the taboo.
    TEA FOR TWO- YAY!! I was so happy to get to read Sal and Bertie story. I havent read to many books in the lifestyle where the male is the submissive but it is a nice change of pace for me. I also loved that there was multiple POV’s so it felt like the characters were talking to me and not just me reading a story. I cant wait to read more in this series.
    GRUNT- Sal is one complex character. Just when I thought I knew him he goes and does something I didnt see coming. Make sure that you read the others to be able to understand whats going on with Sal. He will play their game, go along with what they say and just when they thought they had beating him into submission he turns it around and shows them who the real Master is.
    HOPECHEST- I have had the pleasure of following this series since its first book and I have to say that they only get better. Each book can be read as a stand alone but to be able to get the full impact of the characters and their story you need to start with book one. This book made me feel like I was reading someone’s diary or journal. As with the rest of the books in this series you will be drawn into it and feel so warm and cozy with the characters that you don’t want it to end. I know I want more from Kailee.

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