Sal. Dante. Iris. Cruz. Amber. Hannah. Mae. Diablo. Nick. Aimee. Dom. Raze. Stormy. Cat. Jynx. Gabe. The whole gang is showing up for TAT7! 👻

Make sure you grab the TALKING WITH GHOSTS (TAT7) Pre-Order → TWG will be available on Kindle Unlimited upon release.

I have released the first two lines of the blurb! And an EXCLUSIVE teaser released only on my website. (Yes, you can share it! 😉)

In the mafia war, there are no rules.

And in love, rules are meant to be broken.

I hope you are as excited about continuing Sal, Deacon, and Iris’ story as I am!

Preorder is set up for 3.31.22, but I am expecting an early release. I do not have an exact date. As soon as I know, so will you. Have a great weekend! ~ k xx

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