In the mafia war, there are no rules.

And in love, rules are meant to be broken.

Sal, Deacon, and Iris have spent years on the same team mounting an assault against their own blood. Their roles are defined. Their boundaries are drawn. And the trinity has been dancing on razor blades, taunting insidious devils, and making a mockery of their enemies.

Until now

He is missing.

And the precarious house of cards is about to tumble. 

Fear of the unknown forces the Lotus Queen and the Dark Prince together, but their fierce competition quickly tears them apart. The search provides few clues, and the outcome looks grim as tensions escalate, threads unravel, and questions quietly surface.

Who went too far?

Who played too hard?

Who deserves the blame?

Was the abduction nothing more than a distraction?

And if so, who is the real target?

Everyone is a suspect as Sal picks apart the case he never wanted to work.

Someone is guilty. Someone is a pawn. And someone is in grave danger.

And he must answer the one question haunting his every thought—who can he trust?


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