Introduced in Grunt (my fifth book), Aimee was a side character standing in the shadows until 6. I always knew she would surface, evolving into more but some characters need to steep longer in the tea than others.

I didn’t think her story would unfurl quite like this though. A real person inspires her features, someone I don’t know but who impacted me greatly. She isn’t anyone famous, just a normal girl with a lot of character.

Aimee’s quirky. Fun. And so dark.

Incidentally, I will always consider Grunt the first book I started heading down a dark psychological path. At the time, I privately eschewed the reviewers who called my debut, Juliet, “light.” But they were right. I had no idea how dark I could go until TAT came to town. I’ve got a whole passel full of words reviewers have called me since.

We live. We learn. We grow.

I take deranged as a compliment now.

I admit this so maybe that one author with a couple of books, the one who is full of self-doubt, doesn’t quit. It’s rough—march to the beat of your own drum. Don’t stop for anyone. But don’t rush. Give yourself time to evolve, darling.


From TAT6:34 T H R U S T… a scene between Sal & Deacon…

Yanking my hand away, I clench my fingers tight on the steering wheel. “She’s playing.”

Cruz asks, “How do you know?”

“Besides the fact that Rowan is here,” I mumble, crossing myself and saying a prayer as I turn in between the two posts to the overgrown driveway. “I just know. I feel it in my blood and bones. Iris is in trouble. And Aimee didn’t name herself The Witch for no reason.”

He mumbles, “Someone needs a gardener.”

“Stop,” I warn, flashing back to jasmine-scented nights in New Orleans with the sounds of brass jazz bands playing on the streets. “I am The Gardener.”


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