Dark. Enigmatic. Composed. Foreboding.

Sometimes I wonder how far Dom would go for his “mafia kids…”

I have a suspicious feeling that we’re about to find out. His love for Sal, Deacon, and Iris is fierce, but he’s not been without his own obstacles such as his double prostheses. Still, he’s resilient, unwavering, and his scenes always strike me hard. From the messages I get, Daddy Dom hits home with Dear Readers too.

I have a slew of favorite scenes with Dom, mostly commanding a scene. He’s understated, but “Junior” has got pull within the offspring that can’t be overlooked. Unfortunately, I can’t share any Dom scenes because they tend to be…very “revealing” and šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„.

My top five Dom scenes:

  1. In solitary with Sal at the prison in TAT2
  2. With Iris in Mexico in TAT5
  3. With Sal and Iris at the mission during the end of TAT1
  4. The goodbye scene with Sal in TAT3 (I may be off on that; it may be in 4 – the librarian will correct me LOL)
  5. At the cemetery with Iris in TAT6

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