She’s that girl.

The one I equally love and cannot stand. I want her to do the right thing, but she never does. She has always been a rebel since the RIDE set (Fluff-Bounce-Raw) but it was her brief appearance in 22 that really sold me on this girl. She had a connection with Sal on the page that spoke to me. His dead wife, Kaci, hired Amber to be Sal’s submissive/mistress/pain-in-the-ass and beyond anything else bad that she has done, she has stayed true to that subservience. Doesn’t mean she isn’t in the dictionary next to pushy bottom unit.

She’s had a lot of memorable scenes, probably more than she deserves and will eternally be Amber-Get-Your-Gun cause she is quick to kill with little consideration of her actions.

Despite my love/hate with Amber “Mae East” Rosen, she is one of my favorite characters to write. From her scene in the Sonoran Desert where she took out a dozen cartel soldiers to chasing down Sal in Tokyo and to their meeting in Paris, Amber holds her own against Sal.

I have said several things concerning Amber…

1. She is one of the most underestimated but pivotal players with her hands on Sal’s heart, her tongue between Iris’ thighs, and her bizarre deep bond with Cruz.

2. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t get herself killed before the end of this.

Excerpt from A Dark Place (TAT 5) Chapter 10 – Soul-Depleting Hellcat (or 5:10 for you #RanieroFanGirls)…

“Are you ready?”

“Use me, Master.” She drops my smokes and lighter into her bag. “Where are we going?”

“To check you into a hotel. You need some serious sleep, a couple of five-star meals, a massage, and maybe a haircut.”

She sheepishly grins. “There is only one thing I want.”

I lean closer and whisper, “I’ve got first-class tickets on the train, Stardust.”

The rails chase me down like demons.


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