“I can’t even begin to process all the emotions I’m feeling from this episode of Sal’s world. These characters have become my family. In between Kailee’s incredible words, I miss them. I wish this spectacular world was my world.

About 6% into the book, Deacon reaches into Iris’ darkness to try and flip her script. He has an inner dialog about the heart and love and breathing…..
“We’re uniquely focused on the heart’s representation of love, but I question the idea because to love fully, unconditionally, without borders or boundaries we must encompass all that we are and give it to another. …….And so, we breathe together.”

Kailee is a word genius. She seriously messes with your mind and heart, but embrace it! I love and breathe with these characters. Its incredible that they know eachother so well. And the evolving INNER dialog between them proves it. Each book gets better and better and I have a harder time every book finding words that will do it justice. And so, we breathe together. We embrace it and we wait for the next epic masterpiece. Dive in, you won’t regret it.” – Amazon Review

It’s live! And exclusively available on Kindle Unlimited!

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