I never should’ve been at the club when he walked in.
And when he followed me home, I really shouldn’t have let him in the door.
Meet Alex Torino. They call him Tori for short.
Tall. Gorgeous. Football player. And my ex.

I’m Bleu.
The misfit with no direction.
The girl who one minute wants to be a therapist and the next ends up doing tattoos.

He’s perfect.
I’m a mess.
Actually, I am more than a mess. I’ve got an encyclopedia’s worth of mental diagnoses—chronic depression, bipolar, and self-harm—name it, I’ve struggled with it.

So why did I let him in my house?
And why is he waking up in my bed?
And why am I thinking about letting him back in my life?

Because he wants me to stay just one more day.

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