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The Sinister Fairytales Collection

As a starry-eyed child, I wanted to believe my shining prince would ride up on a white horse, present a diamond ring, and carry me away to his castle. His love would be endless and our lives would be the happily ever after all girls dreamed about. I never knew the fairytale was nothing more than a lie.

I was a good girl.

Until one night, one tiny trip, one little mistake, one moment of indiscretion.

When I fell down the rabbit hole, I stumbled into the absolute fantasy, succumbing to their whims and rituals. As their very naughty girl, I embraced the nightmare and refused to ever leave.

The Darkland is mine.

And those monsters will kneel before their one true Queen.

Madness is a dark romance/reverse harem story.



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2 reviews for Madness

  1. emilycdorsey

    Brilliantly dark and twisted!!!!! 

    “If you always fear your heart—breaking—you’ll never know what true love can do.”

    Holy hell this book is not for the faint of heart. Madness is filled with beautifully dark chaos. I’m not going to lie the beginning was a little rough to read but I’m drawn to the dark so of course I loved it. I was intrigued to see how KRS was going to put her signature twist on this tale. When I say it’s not like anything I expected I mean it blew my freakin mind.

    “Maybe I’m not crazy, and everyone else is absolutely, completely, totally, utterly fucking mad!”

    This is part of the Sinister Fairy Tales Collection, it is not a sweet and fluffy read. It is dark and shocking and will leave you thinking, what did I just read?! One of the things I love about going into a KRS book is I can never figure out what will happen next. Everything means something and nothing is as it seems. If you crave the dark you will love this twisted spin of a classic tale. 

    “I’ll meet you on the other side of tomorrow.”

  2. booklovinchic90

    This is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland with a naughty, dark and thrilling twist that I’ve come to know and love from KRS. Madness is absolutely mind blowing and kept me enthralled not allowing me to put it down until I finished reading.

    If you love crazy, out of the box and the unexpected this is definitely the book for you!

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