Famous Last Words (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 2)(TAT2)

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Book 2 of TAT Series

Would you go to prison to protect the one you love?

Sal is the son of a mafia lord.
And he is fighting to save me.

I run, and he accepts his fate behind bars. I fear he will become the maniacal monster his father always wanted, where insidious thoughts turn into reality and nightmares deliver madness.

Time apart changes people.
And we will never be the same.

The end of our relationship keeps me breathing, but if the price is our love, will having a future without Sal be worth it?

a Tomb of Ashen Tears is an ongoing mafia saga in one world following the same characters throughout the series. Not a “traditional” romance. Love is a winding, sometimes dark road; Iris and Sal’s happily ever after promised at the end.

TAT Books bring an epic-length love story with heartbreaking tragedies and beautiful entanglements. Books 1 and 2 are intentionally slower-paced to build up the backstory. The cast kicks it into high gear in book 3, increasing intensity in each subsequent installment.

Also available in TAT MAFIA Series Love🌈Edition.

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2 reviews for Famous Last Words (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 2)(TAT2)

  1. emilycdorsey

    “I’ll see you on the other side. Remember to chase the butterflies.”

    Holy cannoli this book took me on one helluva ride!!! Where do I even begin…there is so much that happens in FLW but I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say that knowing Sal is behind bars and actually witnessing it are two totally different things. Watching him mature and grow is truly breathtaking.

    “I’m a killer. I’m a mafia son. I am the darkness. And I am one tough motherfucker.”

    Famous Last Words is the very definition of an emotional roller coaster kind of read. KRS made me laugh, cry, swoon and shocked the heck out of me with events I never even anticipated. This is not a nice and easy mindless read. This is an intense, heart pounding, suspenseful book that will leave you speechless. Forget everything you think you know, remember the bayou and Iris is the key. Highly recommend!!

    “She is the love of my life and everything I’ve ever wanted. She is my moon and my stars; my hurricane and the creator of my flame.”

  2. athomas52005

    Ms. Samuels has given us another intense, emotional, roller coaster ride, that we will not be forgetting anytime soon. I laughed out loud & got many strange looks, I reared up many, many, times. I truly Love Sal!

    In this we get the continuation of the story from Salt Kiss Love. So many things are revealed. This is told primarily from Sal’s POV but we do get a few side characters as well as a few added scenes from other books that help place the time line together. I loved seeing the vulnerability in Sal along with his strengths.

    “ I’m done living for everyone else. It’s time to be selfish. It’s time to be a bastard. It’s time to be a Ranerio.”

    I want to say Thank You Ms. Samuels for always giving us a story that grips & sucks you in with these incredible characters. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the world of Juliet & Sal.

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