Beautiful Things Evil People Do

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I wrote the ad to get attention.

I wanted a hot topic for my paper.

I needed to stand out in the crowd.

A few months later, he showed up.


I may have gotten more than I bargained for.

Because in my fantasy, I never thought he’d stay.


A Dark Romance, Kailee Samuels’ Beautiful Things Evil People Do, is a full length, standalone with a happily ever after. Recommended for mature readers 18+, not suitable for people sensitive on hard to read dark themes. BTEPD is about meeting challenges head on, finding fearless courage within, and embracing love wherever it may lead.




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2 reviews for Beautiful Things Evil People Do

  1. katselk

    Kailee Samuels is not a writer who’s characters lay flat on the page. Beautiful Things Evil People Do (BTEPD) will jump off the page and drag you into their world. Jynx and Echo are meant for each other, despite the difference in life experiences they are one. Echo is trying to out run her brutal past and puts her life in danger. Jynx was just supposed to hack into her computer and take her disturbing ad down to save her from herself. He didn’t want to fall in love and she wasn’t looking for anything real. They both have to face their pasts to make their future work. Kailee doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics and for me that is a breath of fresh air. You will love, hate, cry, be uncomfortable and laugh. Her books will take you through all the emotions and you will love the characters. You become part of their world and lives and can’t wait to see what they are up to in each and every book.

  2. aliciamckilligan

    With any book by Kailee Samuels I know I am going to get a well crafted, intense, emotional read which will whip me away from the humdrum and into a world populated by larger than life characters who still manage to be completely relatable. This is no mean feat, yet Kailee always succeeds. I finish each book breathless and delighted that I found her work so many years ago.
    BTEPD took me on a journey filled with heart in mouth moments with two totally memorable people, Echo and Jynx. With nods to mythology which serve to further enrich the colours which create the tapestry of this book, Kailee slowly adds layer upon layer of past events which have brought Echo and Jynx to the present day. It is a past woven with cruelty, touches of madness and unwelcome memories. Echo lives up to her nickname bouncing around within the vessel of her life, constantly hearing the still vivid reverberations of memories which send her running and making decisions which place her in jeopardy. Jynx is a Kailee man. He is made up of so many facets, prepared to face the fire to bring peace.
    By the end of the book, I felt that peace had been achieved and hope for the future forged out of the fires if the past, but without any doubt that these two would have a life filled with incident, arguments, love and challenge. In other words, a full life! 💖💖💖💖💖

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