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★The JULIET Collection★


2018SOSBOX Start with all four books of  ➨ The Story of Salvatore (SOSBOX or SOS Series, 4-books-in-1) ➨ The Initiation, Tea for Two, Grunt, and Hopechest – bound together in the backstory of Sal Raniero and find out how his life got turned upside down. Uncover the reasons behind his pain, learn his hidden secrets, and delve into his lucrative web of associations. Ride alongside as he grows from the “submissive” (he is more of a masochist) golden boy of Juliet into a Dominant to behold. Dark romance suspense series filled with lots of kinky edge-play goodness. STARTER BOOK: The Initiation

22-efinalKaci Hope and Sal Raniero say goodbye in their last dance ➨ 22 ➨ Dark. No HEA. BDSM. Very fucking ugly cry. Preferred prerequisite: All or none or SOSBOX.



Limited Edition SOS Covers integrated with 22.

KRSSOSDefinalCatch a peek of young Deacon and Sal in ➨ SON of SAINT (SOS-D or SONS series). ➨ This book has some great comic banter between the #AlphaSandwich as well as some darker moments and kink. Dark. No HEA. Hella fun and an absolute if you’ve read the previous work. Preferred prerequisite: SOSBOX and/or 22.



KRSJulietefinalContinue to let Sal Raniero escort you on the spiritual ride through the mysterious  academy in this world-building primer for Sugargrove, Juliet, and Sal. Meet the cast and enjoy the small town flair in JULIET. One book won’t be enough. Lucky girl, I wrote a whole bunch of dirty poetic literature just for YOU. And the best part ➨ JULIET ➨ is free on US platforms (we are still working on International, but it is priced nice at 99¢)  Juliet isn’t exactly dark as it’s more of a world builder, providing an excellent foundation for the rest of the stories. There is a LOT of psychological BDSM combined with the physical play. However, there are a couple of scenes which could trigger. Debut. STARTER BOOK: Juliet

KRSKSMefinalDon’t forget the FOLLOW-UP NOVELLA ➨ KINKY SEX MAGIC ➨ as it serves as the perfect nightcap “spoiler book” to the epirotica journey of Juliet. Dark. Preferred prerequisite: Juliet. 




KRSSKLefinalHold on tight and get ready to ride with one tough bastard and an unforgettable man as we continue the story of Sal & Iris with their series ➨ Salt Kissed Love (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 1 or TAT series) ➨ TAT Book 2, Famous Last Words, will be available Spring 2019. Dark. Hard kink. There are no rules. Preferred prerequisite: Juliet and Kinky Sex Magic.


RIDE_FINALIn Fluff, Bounce, and Raw, take a spin on two-wheels with the cast of Juliet in the MC series called, “A favorite of 2017.” With bad boys and naughty girls, the ➨ RIDE series (RIDEBOX, 3-books-in-1) ➨ answers many questions in this high-paced, KINKY, action adventure romance. Dark. Some trigger spots. HFN. STARTER BOOK: Fluff


***NOTE: Because these four books were written within the same span of time, the best reading order would be: Fluff, Bounce, Salt Kissed Love, and then Raw.

★Dark Standalones★


ANE-efinalAlex and Bleu find romance and unconditional love despite her mental health struggles in ➨ A&E ➨ this honest look at bipolar, depression, and suicide risk has been a favorite with the fangirls. Because of the subject matter, A&E is considered a dark piece. Those with triggers, concerning mental issues, should use caution. Very emotionally intense read. No prerequisite reading required. Completely standalone. STARTER BOOK: A&E



NewSheBook1ENewHeBook1E Natalie and Joe find love in amongst the wreckage of her past ➨ She / He – A Duet ➨ has been called, “It just maybe one of the best books I have read.” DARK. PITCH BLACK. MANY TRIGGERS. Very intense, edge of the seat. HEA. No prerequisite reading required. Completely standalone. STARTER BOOK: She



Unspoken Unspoken (Hey Pretty Prequel) Join Agent Sal Raniero in his investigation of Martin “Red” Blum in this psychological thriller/dark suspense. DARK. PITCH BLACK. MANY TRIGGERS. Very intense, edge of the seat. No prerequisite reading required. However, if you want to know the events leading up to Red’s capture, please read She/He.



★Limited Release Nocturne Series★

Books of the Nocturne Series are dream sequences which take hold of the Juliet cast in different costumes, time periods, and settings. Familiarity with Kailee Reese Samuels’ books is highly recommended. Nocturne books are not standalone, but accent pieces to her other books; she crafted Nocturne specifically for her fans.

Limited Release for One Year from Release.

A-Shimmering-Dream-Kindle A Shimmering Dream (Nocturne 1, 2018) Splash into an underwater adventure with your favorite characters in this short story of layered make-believe. As with all of her words, expect a whirlwind—only this time, in the sea.



★About Kailee★

KAILEE REESE SAMUELS writes dark dirty lit. Her words may cause increased heart rate, hand sweating, and other issues. Strongly advised to enter at your own risk. Not for the faint of heart. May cause triggers in some. Others may choose to ride again and again. You have been warned. Creativity is the way to change. Embracing diversity. Coffee addict. Mango lover. Blueberry fetishist. Sweet peach tea crazy. Red wine devout. Whiskey deviant. Tattooed & pierced. Loves shoes. Collects rosaries. Fanatical organizer/cleaner/list-maker. Never sleeps. Hermit and recluse. Storyteller.


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