“I’m going to shoot it to you straight.

… You and me…

We need to have a discussion.

About all the things you’ve done.

About all the things she’s done.

And about all the things I will do if you just say when, Raniero.”

© 2023 by Kailee Reese Samuels


Release TBD 🖤🥀

Hi, y’all!

First of all, I want to thank you for sticking with me…and my books. I cannot write this announcement without first acknowledging the messages of well wishes, love, and concern over the last year.

You’ve made me laugh. You’ve made me cry. You’ve filled my heart with joy.

Our experiences shape and change our lives in ways that we may not have planned, and those beautiful, unforeseen things turn into exciting opportunities that push our growth even further.

The last year, I’ve thought about the future A LOT. I’ve followed my muse for over a decade and won’t stop now. I must trust my gut instinct. I tend to be narrowed in and focused on characters, arc, and plot—thinking only within the space of my words. It took me a hot minute to realize that ALL of this is my boat, and I can steer this bitch—the business and creative of KRS—wherever I want it to go. I’m calling this my midlife epiphany.

Owning it. All of it. The mistakes and the successes, the tomes and the time.

So since I’m the mother of these big babies, I’m invoking my creative freedom and changing my mind. 😂

Talking With Ghosts went from two to four books throughout my health issues in 2022. I planned to continue with TWG Part 3 & 4 (TAT9 and 10) up until the point of no return.

No return for me was watching the deterioration of John.

I had spent most of 2022 incapable of movement, hunched over, and grabbing onto things to walk, but I continued to write. I had surgery and briefly believed I could go back to being who I was before. I released TAT8 in January, a little over a month after my spinal fusion. I was still black and blue, but I kept on truckin’.

Four months later, John had a herniated disc—a massive blowout. He does nothing small. And that, like me, he would possibly require multiple future surgeries. Copycat. 🙄

It was horrifying.

Strange thing was—it brought a deep understanding between us, but I also couldn’t deny the changes in me. And in us.

Accepting the new became a common phrase with me.

No matter what—we had changed. There was no going back to who I was before back surgery; there was no going back to who he was before back surgery. No return.

The further I got into this new train of thought, the less sense TWG as a title made. It may not sound significant, but to me—a title is the first thing that sets the stage for the author and the reader. The title is VERY important—it is a marker in my life, in my journey.

And I knew I could no longer use Talking With Ghosts for TAT9 and TAT10.

I will do my best to address the questions that have come up during my discussions with those closest to me. If I don’t answer your questions, please ask!

👉🏻What changes within the storyline? 

A lot. And not much. 

TAT9 and 10 are being completely torn down and reworked to accommodate my new landscape. That said, I never waste words; I elaborate and expand.

On a personal note, I also realize that you (and I) may always refer to TAT9+10 as TWG Part 3 & 4. It is what it is. I have an unbelievably strong aversion to using the TWG title again. 

We’re not going back there.❌

👉🏻When will TAT9 be released?

TWG PART 2 was released on January 13, 2023. 

My time range for releasing LONG WALKS IN GRAVEYARDS (LWIG) will not make Dear Readers happy, so I am keeping that to myself.

I took a massive TAT break between SKL and FLW—from October 2017 to July 2019. I will do my best to beat the 616-day lapse, but I need to practice a few things (with other books…) to nail 9 like I want to be able to. As it stands now, 9+10 are missing something. When I’m done scribbling, they will release. And not a minute before.

👉🏻Is there a preorder for LONG WALKS IN GRAVEYARDS (TAT9)?

Not at this time, but there could be at some point.

👉🏻Will it be available in an ebook?

Yes! And 8 will be available in ebook soon.

👉🏻Will 9 be longer than 8?

It’s gonna be huge, bb.😜

That’s part of why it must be released on ebook. I’m anticipating DoaS, ADP, or TWG-sized, a BIG TAT book. The problem with TWG as a whole was I ran out of room in 7, which bled into becoming 8. I have zero regrets about how I presented TWG, but I need to move away from the title and the emotions connected to the title. Not the story. It’s very specifically, the title. Twitch. Twitch. 😂

👉🏻How many books will TAT be?

Originally, 13. 

But it’s growing because I want the complete story of the entire cast. I won’t leave you hanging on any of the characters. TAT does have an ending. It’s been written for over five years.

👉🏻Will Cruz be the badass I think he is?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.😈

👉🏻Is there any chance of another Cruz book besides Son of Saint?

Highly likely.😏

👉🏻Is there any chance of another Dom book besides Son of Angel?

Maybe. Dom doesn’t talk much. He’s kind of a pain in my ass.

👉🏻Is there any chance of another Nicky book besides Son of Cirque?

I have no idea when it will happen, but I made a promise to a diehard, and I intend to keep it.🫶🏻

👉🏻What about the TAT Love and Death sets (the special edition covers)?

I’m a one-woman show. When I find time, they will be available. I will do my best to release the TAT8 Love cover before Christmas.

👉🏻What about the RIDE Phantom covers?

RIDE Phantom covers will be gone forever by the end of the year. No date. It will just happen.

RIDE, Fluff, Bounce, and Raw.

👉🏻What about the other books like Bleu, V, MILK, and MW3?

Still on deck and in the works, as are some others I have not discussed. (And will not until they release.)

👉🏻Will you have another release this year?

Yes! See above.

👉🏻What about Apocrypha?

Apocrypha is temporarily on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. Teasers have been removed because I have no idea what will happen. It’s out of my hands.

👉🏻Is there a way to read your anthology pieces?

Dirty Little Secret and The Difference Between will both be included in Apocrypha.

👉🏻Do you have audiobooks?

No. And if you see them, they’re 🏴‍☠️.

👉🏻Is Sal in that new secret preorder of yours?

I’m not at liberty to answer that.🤐

👉🏻Any chance of the J-Man cover on Grunt re-releasing?


👉🏻Are you doing any signings?

I’ve not been invited to any, nor am I actively looking, but I’m open to discussion. Signed copies are available in my store.

The Red Shoes is SOLD OUT‼️

🐦‍⬛🩸Preorder the thing I’ve not mentioned yet 👉🏻 SISTERS OF THE SACRED COVEN https://geni.us/Coven

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