Ohhhh, Dante Alonzo Herrera, aka the Demon.

His sexy 6’4″ frame washed up on the shores of Tulum in A Dark Place (TAT5) as Iris’ new fascination and Sal’s fiercest rival, but the future King of the Immortal cartel wasn’t just another handsome player. He was dark, foreboding, and honest.

And the exact dose of medicine Sal needed.

Forbidden Sins (TAT6) spun his involvement with Sal in a new direction, and the other side of unhappy brings their romance center stage. TOSOU explores the love, passion, and intensity between two men in love.

Sal is coming of age and coming out.

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From A Dark Place TAT5:83 D-FAM…between Iris and Dante…

“I don’t know,” he whispers, grazing a wet finger along my neck. “But, I could spend all of eternity in yours.”

I’m starting to think he seriously means all of his corny, romantic lines, making them far less cloying and me far hornier.

“You only want me as a prize piece for your overblown guns!”

He glances at his arms. “I work very hard for those, ma chérie.”

I sigh. “You are incorrigible, egotistical, and haughty!”

“… Haughty? Really, baby?” I roll my eyes as his drop to my cleavage. “How bad do you want it, Iris? How bad do you need it? Is the hottie on the beach worth it?”

His finger trails over the collar of diamonds I forgot to remove and lingers, slowly inching, resting on my ribcage. “You could rip my heart out.”

“That’s what I am trained to do,” he confesses. I stop breathing as my body betrays my business acumen. “I am not easy.”

“Très difficile,” I whisper. His sensual foreign tongue and his daunting eyes provide no escape for the captive.

“Like you cannot imagine, Buttercup.”

He twists away, easing into the shallow water. “Dante!” He glances back. “Do you know my husband?”

“Doesn’t everyone know Salvatore, Mrs. Raniero?”

*edited scene because powers that be

SALVATORE & DANTE are coming soon in:

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Mafia. Dark Romance. BDSM. Psychological Thriller.

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The son of a mob boss. The future king of the cartel. This is their love story.

“You’re a good-looking A-hole. My wife will adore you. Can you keep an eye on her?”

Responding was my first mistake.
Bastard hired me to entertain her, but I only wanted him.

I hate him.
But God, I want him.

Let’s be clear, I am not queer.
I am straight as they come. I think.

I tell the lies.
I keep the secrets.
I hide the pain.

We tango in the night.
Breathe as one in the dark.
Where he belongs to me.
And I call him mine.

We step into the light.
Belonging together.
Becoming us.
In love. And out.

On…the other side of unhappy.

the other side of unhappy is a forbidden hot summer romance challenging perspectives and perceptions as two men in love chase happiness.
Every story has two sides.
And this is his

the other side of unhappy by Kailee Reese Samuels is an M/M romance with dark elements.
If you are easily offended by such material, please move along.

“This much love ain’t for everyone.”

the other side of unhappy →  http://bit.ly/BelongingTogether

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