Before Pride kicks into full swing, I need to bring up the elephant in the room. I want to say how delighted I am with the book community stepping it up this year concerning #mentalhealthawarenessmonth Now more than ever, people need to feel not so alone. Everyone has problems, and it’s time to acknowledge those respectfully with grace and empathy.

Numerous places have documented that writers are twice as likely to take their own lives: large bracket there, y’all. But I’m not surprised. We’re a neurotic bunch and relatively misunderstood. I could conduct an informal survey to know how many writers suffer from ongoing depression, but the thing is—I don’t need to.

You say it in your posts. I see it. I feel every one of them.

I have demons; everyone has demons.

I get it. I am with you. I am there.

In addition to the daily grind of business and books, writers have many voices floating in their heads on any given day. We have a complex and different emotional vibration going on. It sounds a bit hokey, but I honestly believe it.

Writers get lost in the noise of other worlds. But not having the words…is like not having the best medicine available. I had a lot of bizarre diagnoses thrown at me as a youngster. And I imagine many of you writers did as well. It turns out the only diagnosis I needed was—writer.

Something happened when I joined this book world back in 2013. I realized I wasn’t as crazy as I thought I was…or at least there were others like me. I am still as kooky, no worries. But in that simple act of going online and finding you all and having someone to assimilate with, things started to make sense.

A well-known romance writer told me in the beginning that you cannot do it all, especially in terms of social media – to pick and choose the platforms you enjoy spending time on and let the rest go. I was spending a godawful amount of time on Twitter back then, and she was querying about buying some of J’s work. We didn’t start out by talking about the book world, but I go back to that conversation to balance and recalibrate…to do what I can do to the best of MY ability. Mine. Not hers. Or his. MINE.

I found hope in having permission not to do it all.

Do you.

Just because Suzy Unicorn is doing all of the things doesn’t mean you should.

Do you.

I hope that one writer reads this and maybe doesn’t feel so alone for one day. It’s tough. And bravo to all of you for being brave enough to do it.

My sincerest THANK YOU to all the WRITERS who have shared their stories, struggles, successes, and lessons.

And to the READERS who have returned with such LOVE to me with the simplest of messages, repeating my words and saying things like, “I escaped in your book, and it got me through this really rough time. Thank you.” Best fuckin fuel ever.

YOU have been my BEST therapist on this journey.

In letting me know, I am not alone.

I am better than I have ever been.

And I owe it all to you, Dear Authors & Readers.

There has been a lot of negative energy in the community over the last year, but there is a flip side—a wellspring of unimaginable goodness exists here.

And it doesn’t get focused on nearly enough.

Every industry has good and evil; the book world is no different.

We must have balance. We may not like it.

But the bad makes the good so much sweeter.

If you or anyone you know need resources, please check out my links in bio on Instagram →

Love & Light.


~ k xx

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