AKA, Deacon Cruz’s evil twin… Oh, the conversations we’ve had over him. Love. Hate. Put him with Iris! Put him six feet under! He’s dangerous…on the same scale as Dom (which is mighty mighty frightening) and I cannot WAIT to see how his story turns out! (I really don’t know this one… LMAO) Love ya, dolls! ~ k xx

From TAT6:28 The Haunting Deep Waters…a scene between Lotus (Iris) & Diablo

“Can I get you anything else?”

“Take off all of your clothes and get in my water,” I demand, testing him to see how well he listens. I’m making my way through the Cruz family tree. I want the ultimate badge. He smirks and pulls off his shirt. Oh, yes. Ripped abs and chiseled guns, and is that a tattoo of a crane on his back? I lift a brow. “Why do you have a crane?”

“It’s not,” he snickers, unfastening his oversized cargos. They fall to the ground, and I stare at the man in his well-fitting boxer briefs. You will, so do. “It’s a heron, symbolizing good luck, light, and going with the flow.” He drops his underwear. Lucky is the bitch who gets to see the light riding along that flow. “You have cranes in Japan,” he replies, submerging into the water. “For longevity and conjugal happiness.”

I blink—did you say something?—I was too busy staring at your d!ck. Wait. “Stand up and turn around.”

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