“I’m a girl with brains and a gun. One of those makes me deadly, but together those make me unstoppable.”

How to introduce a new TAT character? With a surprise STANDALONE release!

Chasing Storms is OUT, LIVE, and on Kindle Unlimited!

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I don’t want to say too much about Storms, but she is a firecracker! Expect LOTS more from her in TAT7. Chasing Storms is a fun read with plenty of hot sexy times! This book was all about making readers smile. In other words, dark and tantalizing!

Excerpt from Forbidden Sins (TAT6) i hate you the most –

“One more thing. This girl.” 

Georgia tosses a picture of a pretty young blonde girl onto my desk. I pick it up. “You want me to tap that?” Before she can respond, I add, “She looks like trouble.”

“No, well maybe,” she giggles. “That is Bethany Mabilene Jennings, aka Stormy, twenty-two years old, and the daughter of Reverend James Jennings of High Temple fortune and fame. Do you know who she is?”

“Not a fucking clue, but I need a Preacher’s daughter on my sex-resume.”

Meet STORMY, the latest weapon in Sal’s pink posse! She’ll be joining the cast in →

TALKING WITH GHOSTS (TAT7) Pre-Order → https://bit.ly/samuelsTAT7

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