Raze Kola’s appearance surprised me in 5. Like shocked. I knew what Iris was doing with who and he came out of left field. His presence continued like a dark shadow in 6 and he’ll be returning in 7 with a more pronounced role in someone’s life. No spoilers from me!

Excerpt from A Dark Place (TAT 5) Chapter 46 – When I Get Mine (or 5:46 for you #RanieroFanGirls)…

“I am no Mary Magdalene, following a man on a mission, Raze.”

“I will concede to a symposium of goodwill and faith with others you are associated with for a generous compensation package.”

Glancing away, I lift a scrutinizing brow acknowledging his demands. “Will the package given in return be worth it to me, Mr. Kola?”

His broad grin spreads over his cheeks. “I am sure you will find it to your liking, but only if you will allow a small station wherever you are.”

“You want to settle in my frontiers?”

With a lighthearted laugh, he grins. “I want to offer protection for a Queen and her offspring.”

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