I am so excited about this new series!

Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book (LBB) takes you back to the beginning when Sal was working with clients. He was running away from his mob family and landed in Texas with Anna Ford. This is long before he met Iris, and the dark cocoon of the mafia enshrouded him  in a Tomb of Ashen Tears books.

LBB are a whirlwind of twists with short, intriguing bedtime reads, having equal amounts of suspense to keep you turning the pages and heat to keep you warm this winter.

Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book Prequel (The Contract) is out now, setting the back story for the clients, and Book 1 will be released January 16.

And here is the cover:


I’ve had people asking about the different series and here is the run down for that. As always the booklist is available at Sal’s Reading List.

Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book (ongoing series) – Running from his mafia family, Sal starts his journey in Texas at eighteen.

The Story of Salvatore [SOS/SOSBOX] (4-book completed series) – His romance with Kaci, subsequent kidnapping, and training to become an assassin.

22 – Kaci Hope’s poetic goodbye. Heavily layered as her manipulations over Sal come to light.

Bad Girl – Go back to 1955 and discover how Anna Ford built the Juliet academy.

The Juliet Collection (2 books as of now: Juliet and Kinky Sex Magic; full set of 7 are planned) – Sal and Iris at Juliet. Psychological/BDSM heavy.

a Tomb of Ashen Tears (ongoing series; 13 planned) – The dark mafia romance of Sal & Iris. Very layered, full of angst, and twists.

RIDE (3-book completed series) – Lots of side characters are introduced: Amber, Dale, Deacon, and other members of the MC.

SONS (ongoing series; 9 planned) – Sal’s relationships with his closest “brothers.” These books have include the backstory for: Deacon, Dom, and Nico.

She/He + Unspoken/Hey Pretty (Spring 2020) ­– The case of Natalie Blum.

Poppy ­­– The case of Poppy Higgins.

Madness – Part of the Sinister Fairytale Collection. A dark retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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