SAL & IRIS’ story does not end with Juliet! Continue their mafia romance in TAT BOOKS!

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πŸ–€ Salt Kissed Love (TAT 1) β†’
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Barnes & Noble β†’ http://bit.ly/SamuelsTAT1onNook
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πŸ–€ Famous Last Words (TAT 2) β†’
Amazon β†’ http://bit.ly/SamuelsTAT2
Apple β†’ http://bit.ly/SamuelsTAT2onApple
Barnes & Noble β†’ http://bit.ly/SamuelsTAT2onNook
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πŸ–€ EVERY MINUTE I LOVE YOU (TAT 3) β†’ #PreOrder for October 1
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Amazon β†’ http://bit.ly/SamuelsEMILY
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