Where do I start?

I’ve never written a year in review, but I think it’s probably time. I titled it 2019 because even though we’re reflecting back; we’re looking forward.

Fresh starts and all.

I started out the year with A&E. It’s a romance (with an HEA) about a girl, Bleu, suffering with mental illness and how the struggle with her inner demons conflict with her need for a loving relationship with Alex. It was an amazingly tough write for me, but the reception from my readers on this book made it worth it.

In looking at the Sal timeline, I realized I had a gaping hole of time between The Story of Salvatore  and the start of Juliet. Hopechest ends in 2010 and Juliet starts in 2014, so I needed to shade in those areas. SONS Series was born out of that desire. Originally, I only planned on it being one book – Son of Saint – but as the boys (Deacon, Dom, Nick, and Sal) started talking, I knew I needed a whole quad for the vacant space.

With the reception of A&E, I decided I wanted to explore more dark recesses of my mind and from that She/He was born. It explored one girl, Natalie, and her need to rise above years of traumatic abuse involving human trafficking. Her boyfriend/husband, Joe, stands vigilantly by her side and fights alongside as her war becomes his war. The curious thing about She/He was Joe wasn’t the perfect book boyfriend; he was quite flawed, slightly obsessive, and even a tinge of crazy which made for an exciting ride. After almost five hundred pages of hell, I knew I needed to end it on high with an HEA.

The book that almost wasn’t––22––came next. It is the one time in four years of publishing that I pushed my deadline back because the characters wouldn’t stop talking. 22 is an ugly cry, centering around Kaci Hope’s death and how it effects Sal. I never withheld the information of her impending death in their courtship (The Story of Salvatore), so it wasn’t a big surprise. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of twists and turns throughout the book. Her manipulation and mastermind control over Sal’s life and his future really become evident within the pages of 22.

For several years, I wanted to explore these characters so many people have come to know and love. I had an idea of dressing them up (think Halloween costumes) and putting them in an entirely different world for a short novella. For my first one, I plunged Iris, Sal, and the rest of the gang into the sea for a mermaid/pirate adventure called A Shimmering Dream. It was so much fun to write! Nocturne Books are limited release for one year, from Halloween to Halloween, and I’m already planning this years!

Shortly after 22, I asked my BETA girls if they would at all be interested in reading more about Red Martin, the villain from She/He. Sal and Martin wouldn’t hush in my head. I saw the entirety of the book taking place within the walls of an interrogation room which would eventually lead to another twist within those pages. Unspoken would become the prequel for the upcoming Hey Pretty. The book is a dark, psychological thriller which focuses on Sal’s work with the Sibyl society.

The last release of the year, Poppy, would serve to balance out the darkness I had fallen in love with over 2018. Poppy was not only taboo, but it delves deep into a marriage filled with domestic abuse. Like A&E, Poppy was a hard write for me. There were many days where I would write a few thousand words and take a break because it was so emotionally consuming. I love this story hard. And if you are a fan of dark reads, I highly recommend it!

I planned on releasing the SONS books in December as many of you know––I even had teasers geared towards “Putting the SONS in your Christmas stockings.” However, we had an unfortunate, life-changing event on December 6 when we were involved in a major wreck.

I took three weeks off from writing to recoup and recover. The whole event left me in a reflective, grateful state. At the same time, I felt, and to some extent still feel, that I let my readers down. I understand I dropped six books and two novellas this year, but it is a far cry from my 2017 numbers which equaled: 7 books, one of which was the 500+ page Salt Kissed Love.

In 2018, I moved all of the books to Kindle Unlimited in hopes of reaching more readers. I also decided to shorten my name on some books. For new readers, there is no genre difference between KRS and KS; it is purely aesthetic. If a series started with KRS, it will finish with KRS––including SONS, Juliet, and TAT Books.

The plans for 2019…

I’m certain I have my schedule overbooked. Nonetheless, I’m going to try. I will be dropping the rest of the SONS in January. Here is the pre-order link for SONS Series Book 2 –– Son of Angel.

Come February, I’m hoping to release Hey Pretty + a surprise.

The rest of the year will be filled with the next three a Tomb of Ashen Tears (Salt Kissed Love) books as well as Juliet II.

I’m also planning on another three-book series surrounding a certain female that readers have a love/hate relationship with. And I’ve signed on for four anthology pieces. Suffice it to say, I’m full and I hope the readers love them all.

I apologize for not providing a more detailed schedule. Yes, I do have one! But I refuse to release it because dates often times do change. I don’t know if I will complete everything on my list, but I’m damn sure going to try.

If you never try, you’ll never know.

Many of you have asked if my lack of takeovers on Facebook is for any reason. The answer is simple. While I love doing takeovers, they do take a lot of time, so I’m limiting my takeovers. I’m not opposed to them, but I cannot attend every single one. Right now, I’m focusing on writing my books and enjoying my group, Sami’s Sinners. If you would like to book a takeover, please feel free to contact Elaine.

With hopes of doubling my backlist, I’m also going to be doing a dozen shows this year! The following is a list of my anticipated book signings and I hope to see you there! If you are attending, please make sure you get your pre-orders in early! I close pre-orders one month before the show and send bills at the same time.

3/23/19 – Homerun Author Event in Arlington, TX

4/6/19 – MMM19 in Austin TX

4/27/19 – Bluebonnet Book Bash in Killeen, TX

6/8/19 – Wanderlust in San Antonio

6/22/19 – #KIKC19

7/27/19 – Hard Rock Tulsa

8/3/19 – ETBB

8/24/19 – Naughty in Nashville

10/4-6/19 – ECAC19 in Bucks County, PA

10/19/19 – Sweet Home Chicago

10/26/19 – Delightfully Dirty in Dallas

11/9/19 – Deadly Reality Stanley Hotel Estes Park, CO

Whoo! I think that’s everything. Though I’ve probably forgotten something. If you would like to keep track of my upcoming releases, sales, etc please join my mailing list. I only send out newsletters once or twice a month and I do NOT swap lists with any other author. You can be confident if you sign up for my newsletter, your name and information will not be shared with anyone else.

In addition, speaking of security, if you haven’t seen out my new online shop, please check it out! I have all my paperbacks available for you. If you cannot make a show, a personalized book is a wonderful alternative! My shop is secure and runs through one of the best online commerce platforms available.

And as always, you can find Sal’s Reading List here.

I want to take a minute and THANK all of the wonderful people I have met in the last year. I loved every minute of our adventures to New Orleans, Houston, Louisville, Tyler, Tulsa, Cincinnati, and New York City. I had an absolute BLAST making memories with you all and I cannot wait to see many of you again!

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the LOVE & SUPPORT of my readers. You ladies + a couple of nice guys make EVERY SINGLE DAY at work a GRAND ADVENTURE for me. I love writing and your notes, messages, reviews, likes, comments, and shares help me in so MANY ways. Not only do you help to spread the Kailee Train, but you BUILD ME UP, Buttercup!

Just knowing I have one reader was more than enough, but to have all that I do leaves me feeling beyond gracious and blessed.

For the time we have is precious and the fact that you choose to spend yours within my pages means more than words can say.


May everyone have a HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL, & PROSPEROUS New Year!


much love,

k xx








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