There is so much I want to say, but I cannot for fear of spoiling my own book. I am beyond flattered with all the comments, messages, and reviews Poppy has received and I want to thank each and every one of you who has reached out to me.

Poppy is a story that unexpectedly arrived on the way home from Cincinnati’s #MMM18. I never imagined it would morph into this book. I set out to write a love story.

From the beginning, I knew of the horrific domestic abuse, but I refused to sugarcoat the demons. I didn’t want to make the abuse out to be easy or a sub-plot; I wanted it to take front and center stage through Poppy’s eyes. I fought to make the narrative transparent and capture one woman’s pain. I hoped to paint the picture so the readers would feel everything she felt––from every spite-filled word to every blow of his fist to her resounding courage and strength to persevere and fight for hope.

To fight for love.

Please come join us for tonight’s party or in our support group.

Again, thank you all so much.

Feel free to contact me through Elaine Holcomb PA on facebook or by sending an email to KaileeSamuels at gmail dot com.

with all my love,

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What do you do when the hand which held you becomes the touch you crave?

I’ve loved her for twenty years.

She’s a rare beauty luring with a dangerous high.

And I’m addicted.

I can’t get enough.

There is only one problem.

She is my father’s wife.

He’s an abusive asshole, destroying her down to the very root.

He won’t get another chance.

I’ll beat him to it.

And steal his precious drug—my princess—my Poppy.



No prerequisite reading required.

Completely standalone.



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Peace. Love. & Sal. 🖤


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