So something really cool has been going on. Between running all over the country doing book signings and promoting Juliet like crazy, I’m getting a lot of questions and I’m going to address a couple of the more common ones now.

“This big old book – this War and Peace like tomb – is free on Amazon?”

Yes! LOL. While it’s not quite W&P, it is 652 pages and pretty damn big for a book in romantic suspense these days. I aim to keep it free as long as possible on as many platforms as I can. For the foreseeable future, Juliet will remain free here on my website indefinitely as soon as the market is up and running.

I wanted to write a whole series surrounding this one character, Sal Raniero. He’s the son of a mafia lord and running from a predetermined future he really doesn’t want. Through a series of events, he ends up at Juliet and working as a secret agent.

Yes, my books do contain some graphic sexual scenes, but that is not the basis of the story. They are full of suspense, intrigue, and twisting plots.

“I read Juliet. What should I read next?”

Kinky Sex Magic! Essentially, it is a companion book to Juliet. Think of it like Juliet 1.5. It’s a short novella chock full of story. After that, continue onto Salt Kissed Love or back track to Sal’s history prior to Juliet with The Story of Salvatore, Son of Saint, or 22.

“Are you writing more dark books like She/He?”

All of my work contains some dark elements. Juliet is actually the lightest of the bunch with She/He being the darkest. My goal is ultimately to tell the story, if it’s a little dark or a lot of dark. I’m working on several pieces at the moment which are leaning towards the darker side of things.

“Is Sal really in all 15 books?”

Technically, only 14. He skipped out on She.

“If I read out of order will I be lost?”

Most people are not lost. I’m very vigilant at making sure you know what time frame each book occurs in as well as providing many layers of details throughout each book.

“When will the online store open?”

Soon! Hopefully, we will be up and running by the end of summer.

“If I want to order a paperback now, can I do that?”

Yes! Here Kailee Reese Samuels Paperbacks. You will be invoiced within 24 hours. Singles of The Story of Salvatore (The Initiation, Tea for Two, Grunt, and Hopechest – special “22” limited edition with pinkish covers) and singles of the Ride series books (Fluff, Bounce, and Raw) are also available.




I’m super excited about my upcoming fall releases! I’m putting the final touches on Beautiful Crush now. It’s a twisting stalker type book with a lot of crazy things going on. The rest of the SONS series will be releasing hopefully by year end as well.

So grab Juliet and start the epic journey with Sal Raniero! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Read an excerpt from Juliet below:

“My name is Sal by the way.”

Offering his hand, Iris glided her fingers into his palm. He slowly kissed her fingers three times as she noticed his tattoos swirling down from his bicep and wrapping around his wrist. Wondering what they looked like beneath the shirt, she blinked embarrassed. Plopping down next to her without getting too close, he pulled up his knees, enclosing his arms around them. Entranced by her novice expressions, Sal studied her face.

“I’m Iris.” Her voice shook, and she prayed he didn’t notice.

The next hour, from the bird’s eye view, proved to be a quiet amongst the storm going on below in the cabaret and in the barn loft. They sat in a comfortable, utter silence. Sal allowed her to take it all in at her pace. The Doms cuffed, leashing and leading subs as the party continued on with copious amounts of champagne served to subs from their Master’s glass.

She broke the deafening prayer that had become his peace. “Who are you?”

“I am a sub.” He handed her his water, and she gulped it down like she sprinted a marathon in sweltering Texas heat. “Thirsty?” He grinned.

God, I wish he would stop that.

“No, I mean who are you?”

“I am Salvatore Raniero. Twenty-four, five-foot-ten, about a hundred ninety, Italian-American male.”

“That explains it…” She hadn’t intended to say that out loud.

“Explains what?” he flirted. He shot her a dirty grin like he was going to try to get in her pants before the night was through.

Juliet © 2015 Kailee Reese Samuels

JULIET is free on Amazon US platforms and worldwide via others.

Amazon US ➨http://bit.ly/2Juliet

All Others ➨https://books2read.com/Juliet

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