There is something going on round here…

I finally decided to make an honest woman out of Elaine Holcomb and offered her the position of executive ass, or personal ass, either way. (Really, she begged for it.) If you are visiting from facebook, many of you know Elaine is awesome, energetic, and practically lives in Sugargrove. If you’ve got questions in regards to my words, she has answers.

Elaine will be handling the Sami’s Sinners, Street Squad, and Arc Army as well as dealing with my snarky sweet self. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact her.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the creation of Sweet Girls & Dirty Words where I will be making plenty of bad decisions and Elaine will be encouraging me to do so. If you are a #RanieroFanGirl, we cordially invite you.

Grab your favorite wine and come join us for a story or two this summer.

With much love,

K & E xx


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