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Ten years changes everything….

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I strongly admire the fact that Samuels brought mental illness to the forefront and turned it into a heartbreakingly beautiful and encouraging novel.” – Reader Review


“I am an emotional mess. This book ensnared me from the beginning and enthralled me to the end. The way this writer wrote this story just blows me away.” – Reader Review



How do you know?

When you will meet the one.

The one to change your life.

The one to make you whole.

What do you do?

When they slip right through your fingers.

The one to change your world.

The one to make you forget everything bad…

And remember everything good.

How do you continue on?

Do you run back as fast as you can?

Do you cross your fingers and make a wish?

Do you fall to your knees and say a prayer?

Or do you just walk away?

From the mother of the Juliet world, Kailee Reese Samuels brings you an all new book––the completely standalone A&E.


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