Sal’s Reading List


For now, books are only linked to Amazon. Some titles are available for direct download in my shop and other major retailers– iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. A few select titles are exclusively on Amazon Kindle Unlimited: A&E, She/He – A Duet, Unspoken, and Ride series books: Fluff, Bounce, and Raw. There are no plans to expand that list at this point.


Sal’s beginnings leading to his place at Juliet

➸ The Story of Salvatore (4 book set)

Sal deals with loss in this very ugly cry

➸ 22

SONS Series is Sal’s relationship with his friends


Debut. Worldbuilder.


➸ KINKY SEX MAGIC (follow-up novella to JULIET “spoiler book”)

Sal & Iris Epic Romance Continues from Juliet

➸ Salt Kissed Love (TAT BOOK 1)

Sal’s Association with MC Bad Boys

➸ RIDE series (3 book set)

Limited One-Year Release Fantasy Dream Sequence Series

➸ A Shimmering Dream (Nocturne Book 1)



Standalones involve Sal’s work, some books only contain a brief appearance. Sal Raniero Thriller books are in depth books involving his work as an agent and focus heavily on the cases.

➸ A&E (emotional with an HEA)

➸ She / He (She/He – A Duet) (dark romance with an HEA)

➸ Unspoken: A Sal Raniero Thriller (Hey Pretty Prequel) (psychological thriller)

All books are available in paperback on Amazon.

For signed paperbacks, visit my shop.



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