The Red Shoes (Nocturne 2)

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I have a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of Nocturne paperback books with the original colorful covers – A Shimmering Dream 2018 and The Red Shoes 2019.

For serious KRS collectors as Nocturne books have been discontinued and will never be printed again.

5×7, roughly 100+ pages, matte covers, impeccable condition, shipped in a box (no envelopes) with tracking.

E-Books are available on Amazon. 


Limited Edition Nocturne Annual 2019

👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰 👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰


And we’re off to see the…

This may not have been the best idea, boys.




Walking along the golden road, we search for the magic behind the mask. Along the way, we’ll be confronted with the wonders of the whimsical parade and the woe of our fiercest rival hussy as we carry on like rockstars flaunting our best flesh.


Hello my pretty boys.

Shall we play?


Skip down an enlightened path of adventure with your favorite characters from Juliet in this annual short story. They’ll be dressed and bedazzled in an altered world.


👠The Red Shoes👠

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👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰 👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰👠 🌈 🌪️🍭 🏰


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1 review for The Red Shoes (Nocturne 2)

  1. emilycdorsey

    “I just want to go higher, beyond the clouds and darkness, to a place where we can be…”

    The Red Shoes was a fun kinky little read. Sal, Deacon, Dom and Nico…how much trouble can they get into? We dive below the surface and embrace fears and learn to try and make peace with oneself. Some of my favorite and not so favorite characters made an appearance. This was and exciting book that made me laugh and fan myself at the same time. Another out of this world read from KRS!!!

    “I choose to shun the labels. I choose to embrace the spectrum. I choose love.”

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