Son of Saint (SONS1)

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Deviant. Spiritual. Cunning.

The violent guru.

The Unholy are the sons of organized crime lords determined to rule the world. With their ruthless brand of vigilante justice, Deacon Cruz is the quiet stalker.

To be a menacing outlaw or a charming, sweet talker, Deacon ignites a wild reaction everywhere. As the product of an illicit affair between an old lady from Delirium MC and the president from Reckless Rebellion MC, Deacon’s roller coasting of highs and lows started early.

From running away and his prison release to learning to play for one, Deacon remains allied to both good and evil with his brand of spiritual wickedness. His mother built his character, and his father defined his violence, but his friendship with Sal Raniero tests his fortitude, forcing the uprising of a future Saint.

Expect the unexpected in this brash look at the men of The Unholy. Fall for the bad boys in the SONS: Deacon Cruz (Son of Saint), Dom Gennaro (Son of Angel), Nick Cristos (Son of Cirque), and Sal Raniero (Son of Master) as they forge friendships amidst the chaos of their destiny.

Set in New Orleans at The Dollhouse with lots of kink, violence, and Sami-stylings.



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1 review for Son of Saint (SONS1)

  1. nrslalee00

    Kailee just doesn’t get it!! Some of us are not vampires(even if we think we are) and must sleep. But it was so hard to even think about putting this book down no matter how tired my poor little eyeballs got. I’m still having a hard time focusing as I type this so please excuse any There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this book! Not only did it answer some questions but it brought backs some of the other stories to give you a more rounded picture. This one another great read from Kailee. All I can say is buckle up cause you’re in for a ride!

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