Salt Kissed Love (TAT1) LovešŸŒˆEdition


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Born in chaos.
Raised in discord.
We were the offspring of madmen and sworn enemies.
But we rebelled, vowing to change the criminal underworld.

A mafia son. A dirty biker. And a girl on the run.

We fight our legacy in the light.
We find peace together in the night.
Three hearts. One love.
A holy trinity.

Donā€™t tell anyone what we do.
The secrets we keep or the kisses we share.

Games have rules.
But the mafia has none.
And neither do we.

a Tomb of Ashen Tears is an ongoing mafia saga in one world following the same characters throughout the series. Not a ā€œtraditionalā€ romance. Love is a winding, sometimes dark road; Iris and Salā€™s happily ever after promised at the end.

TAT Books bring an epic-length love story with heartbreaking tragedies and beautiful entanglements. Books 1 and 2 are intentionally slower-paced to build up the backstory. The cast kicks it into high gear in book 3, increasing intensity in each subsequent installment.


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