Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book Prequel (The Contract)

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“Sign here, Salvatore.”

Three words.

Three words changed his world.

With the contract on the table, Sal considered his options.

Winding up by accident in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas, he ventured into another world. With scrutiny, he listened to their lies and deceit, but it wasn’t long before he realized a devious monster aimed to take control.

The grooming they offered in the words of the contract might be worse than enduring his familial blood ties…

If he returned home, then his father’s ideal outcome for his only son would force the young man into being trained for the family business. Refusing his father’s violence, Sal wanted no part of the mafia, but he was out of options––stay moving or give up fighting against his legacy. The insidious contract held the lure of stability and protection he craved.

He had to make a decision.

Sign or walk away.

But Sal wasn’t as fresh to the game as they thought. He was raised in mayhem and manipulation. With a fierce determination and mischievous charm, he acknowledged the precise calculation of every minute and vowed to outplay the players.

And you’re secretly invited to join his game as he eliminates or harbors the pieces one by one.


With a candid look into the past, Sal removes the shadows concealing the hidden secrets and clandestine meetings of his beloved Little Black Book. Flipping through the memories, he recounts the lucrative indiscretions that made him the man he is today. As the keeper of his clients’ dirty laundry, he vigilantly held the promises contained in the contract, until now…


Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book has been mentioned many times throughout Kailee’s books. For the first time ever, he opens the heart of his past and reveals the women who adored him.

In this prequel to the first client, The Contract offers a means to an end, and at the time, Sal’s very survival.


Each client’s entry/book can be read as a standalone.

Approx. 100-120 pages


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3 reviews for Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book Prequel (The Contract)

  1. emilycdorsey

    “Trusting without question and going there with no reason other than to experience.”

    Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book Prequel The Contract is a delicious little read. Right from the beginning we get down to business. As “The Kid” on the run looking for freedom we follow Sal on his journey of the first months after leaving his childhood home in Boston. I love younger Sal and witnessing the baby steps in his growth to become the man he is today. I can never get enough of him and am always desperate for more. Shout out to my boy Nicky and my girl Anna, I always love seeing more of them. If you are new to KRS this is a great book to start off with. I’m definitely ready for Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book and the first client!!! Highly recommend!!!

    “There was no turning back now.  Reel her in. Breathe. Don’t think. Just work it.”

  2. booklovinchic90

    KRS has done it again! Another phenomenal read that grips you from the very first page.

    If you love Sal this is an absolute MUST READ. We go back in time to when he was just an eighteen year old punk kid who wanted away from the life he was born to and grew up surrounded by. We get the secrets, names, details and reasoning behind the decisions made and the steps took that led him to be the Sal we all know and love today. I loved this informative and entertaining glimpse into Sal’s beginning.

    This is only the beginning and I can’t wait for more!

    Highly recommended to all Sal lovers!♥︎♥︎

  3. athomas52005

    Kailee Reese Samuels give us another gripping page turner, drawing us in with Sal’s charm. Go back in time with Sal as he gives us the story of his start in Sugargrove. Another piece of the puzzle clicks into place on this short story. I absolutely love when we get the story from Sal’s point of view. I want so much more of Sal!!

    “I can count those I genuinely care about on one hand. And as for the rest, I’ll greet them with the middle finger when they arrive at the gates of my hell. “

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