Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book 1

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Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book 1

new message from Hot Mama:

Meet me at Clint Ray’s Bar & Grill on Friday at 7 PM. It’s just outside of San Antonio. Don’t be late.

Don’t worry about clothes for the weekend. You won’t need them.

See you then, Sugar. 

My hands trembled as I remembered the message for the thousandth time. I wiped the steam from the mirror and stared at my reflection. I wasn’t sure about any of this, but I needed to know who these people were and what made them tick.

If that meant kicking back a few beers at a bar and knocking boots with a horny older woman, I was okay with that. I was young, and they were paying. I was going to have a helluva good time.

In the little black book, I wrote her name down.

Trudy Diaz.

Deacon Cruz’s mother.

Deacon was the godson of Anna Ford.

And shit was about to get interesting.

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16 reviews for Sal Raniero’s Little Black Book 1

  1. jcrockchick69

    “All in the interest of Deacon Cruz.”

    This “little” black book is the backstory of Sal at Sugergrove. He is a young 18 and to evolve into the man and ultimate master he was born to be he must start to take on certain clients. First on his list is Trudy Diaz, Deacon’s ma and the ultimate badass MILF. I knew that I always loved Trudy but getting to see her at the start with Sal and understanding the bond they make and how Deacon and Sal will eventually cross paths is truly a gift. And then in true Kailee craziness, she gives us a bomb backstory that was never told before, I read this stunned! I love this entire ride and I am a total slave to all things Sal! This is a definite must read to discover and understand every detail in this incredible journey!❤

  2. holcomb6464

    I’ve read about these delicious characters over many books, but going back into time when Sal goes with Nico to Sugarland Texas and seeing how he meets and starts up his relationships is amazing. How he will be guided, molded into the man that is Sal Raniero by these people. OMG, I’ve loved Trudy from the Son’s series, but reading about their first meeting…. BOOM!!! That woman is everything and the lengths she goes to for Deacon (her Saint, her son) will have you understanding just how much she has endured for him. That women has sass and balls for days, and the chemistry between her and Sal is something else. He’s intrigued, attracted and irritated with her all at once at time…lol We see his fascination start from his first glance of Deacon pictures at Trudy’s, but that’s another story that we’ll enjoy. There are so many that are looking out for Sal, some that will have his loyalty and love for always, it’s intriguing to read how they know about him and what they will do to get him ready for things to come. One of those being Dom (fans myself), he will train Sal, bring him to his potential and show him what he needs and craves can happen. He was a perfect way to end this chapter, and I cannot wait for the next client in book 2. I highly recommend you read these short reads, and learn for yourself how Sal was brought to life, I truly appreciate the bond Sal and Trudy have, one that will last! Thank you Ms. Samuels for such an enjoyable read.

  3. crowkristy

    This is the beginning of the end for Sal. Anna his new momma and Trudy his lover what can go wrong in the world of Salvatore Raniero. Running from his past he is ready to grow up or is he? Read to find out. Kailee is amazing and like most authors, the wait is never long. *Muah* I love ya girl!!!

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. gemmapritchard37

    OH.MY.DAYS!!!!! WOW!!! words cannot describe how much I’m loving this LBB series, it’s amazing going back to see how Sal became the Man/Dominant we all know and love. Seeing all the old cast in one way shape or form how they all played a part in Sal’s life and help him along the way and make the amazing person he is now. Trudy oh my days I loved her in past books but in this one she is just amazing!!!! Showing how much she loved Sal and their connection is off the scales. And let me just say, Dom!!! That man is devine beyond everything you can imagine and it’s great to see him back only briefly but boy it’s an amazing brief time. I love how Kailee makes you connect not just with one character but each and every one in every book!!! I cannot wait for more!!!!!!

  5. jaynegibson

    I am such a fan girl of Kailee Reese Samuels. She hooked me quite a while back with the utter beauty of Salvatore Reniero, and I haven’t stopped reading her ever since.

    Salvatore Reniero, my sigh-worthy hero, so beautiful, so strong and so very compelling. In this latest installment, Little Black Book 1, I’m being treated to a backstory that is interesting and revelatory. I adore this man, I’ve been privy to some of his most guarded thoughts in previous books, but now I get to watch him become who he is. I get to walk in his past and listen to his thoughts as he looks back on his life. This book was so much fun for me.

    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. Kailee Reese Samuels is a gifted writer, and I mean that sincerely. She takes me to wondrous places, introduces me to fascinating characters and let’s me experience events that I would never get to experience without her stories.

    This book is yet another win for this most excellent author. I loved every page and read the book in one sitting. But that’s not unusual for me when I read Kailee. Highly recommended.

  6. emilycdorsey

    “Fuck the labels. Break the rules. Cross the borders. And scribble outside of the lines.”

    Little Black Book 1 is a tasty little treat!!! I have always loved Trudy. She is a strong woman that knows what she wants and “all things in the interest of Deacon Cruz.” I also love digging deeper into Sal and learning more about him. Every time I think I know all there is to know about him he starts sharing and surprising me with more secrets.

    “I am a hell of a man about to take you on the journey of your life.”

    We get to see and experience Sal and Trudy’s first meeting and I couldn’t have been happier. It helps you understand the love and loyalty between the two and eventually with Cruz. We also get to witness the introduction of a magnificent man that helps change Sal’s life and makes him the fine piece of specimen that he is today. Ok…he has always been a fine piece but he does need a little guidance along the way at his young age of 18. To say I was floored by the meeting would be an understatement. It’s hot, delicious and oh so good. If you are new to KRS or a #SalRanieroFanForLife you will find great pleasure in this book

    “I lived it. I breathed it. I survived it.”

  7. booknerd1965

    I loved this book! It’s a quick read that hooks you from the first page until the last. I absolutely love Sal! Kailee has woven a complex and wonderfully written story, the storyline is fast paced and well thought out. A great story filled with amazing characters. This book is an absolute must read.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  8. brobera153

    This is a quick read but oh boy packs a punch on the edge of your seat of Sals beginnings of his new dangerous and exciting life, believe me when I say there is never a dull moment.
    The writing is fantastic and I found it fasinating I love what’s going on and the characters. I couldn’t get enough and I really can’t wait for more.

  9. chelle.gibson

    Awesome peek into the beginning of Sal’s journey. I love all the inner workings, thoughts and revelations. Absofreakinglutely can not wait for more. A must read

  10. jk1029056

    I just can’t with this book and author! How does every book just get a thousand times better than the last? This author knows how to keep readers coming back for more over and over again. The characters are complex and well developed. The storyline is well written and paced nicely never feeling rushed or lacking anything. Five stars all the way and highly recommended!

  11. tennesseegirlsrock

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review.

    He’s the eighteen -year-old kid of the Boston maifa. She’s the middle-aged, rhinestone-wearing spitfire from Texas. One weekend. A whole lot of sparks.
    New message from Hot Mama: Meet me at Clint Ray’s Bar & Grill on Friday at p.m. Don’t worry about clothes for the weekend. You won’t need them. See you then, Sugar….
    My hands trembled as I remembered the message from the thousandth time. I wiped the steam from the mirror an stared at my reflection. I wasn’t sue about any of this, but I needed to know who these people were and what made them tick. If that meant kicking back a few beers at a bar and knocking boots with an older woman, I was okay with that. I was young and they were paying. I was going to have a helluva good time. In the little back book, I wrote her name down. Trudy Diaz. Deacon Cruz’s mother. Deacon was the godson of Anna Ford. And my best friend. Things were about to get interesting.

    This is Kailee Reese Samuels taking us back to the beginning of Sal’s business beginnings. In reality though this is about the players that will help Sal become who he ultimately becomes. You learn some secrets and how Sal kept his needs and feeling and wants suppressed due to his father’s brutality and too that of his families. This is a pretty quick read and you will be one the edge of your seat at times figuring it out. This is a good book that you need in your life.

  12. Tianna

    This little quickie gives us an insight to how the Sal we know and love today came to be. He starts to build his alliances and enemies. His lessons come fast and furious as he learns to never underestimate anyone. With his “incarnation ” he will learn to break the rules, cross the borders and scribble outside of the lines.

    Do it all with a smile, Salvatore

  13. Mimi

    “Call me Trudy. Call me Bitch. Or don’t call me at all. And that rule applies to very few, Sally boy.”

    Here is the first entry of Sal’s Little Black Book!!! Little? I assure you, nothing feels little in this quick read. Action, emotion, tension, and KRS’ signature storytelling were once again utterly addictive.

    In LBB1, Trudy opens the ball with brio. Watch closely the cover, it’s her perfect representation. Ripped lace and still gorgeous..What a fascinating woman…Strong, determined, she doesn’t hesitate. She took the blows to get where she is, to protect those she loves.
    “Trudy knows what she likes and how she likes it— and nothing changes that. Nothing.”
    Both maternal and seductive, Trudy shared with Sal so much more than he could have imagined. Turning the pages, living their story, I fanned myself, swooned, and at one point, nearly combusted. Ladies, put your lace panties on, and enjoy the ride. This is the kind of weekend you won’t ever forget!!!
    “She handed over life lessons, and I blistered her ass.”
    As the power of intimacy forges alliances, revelations and twists left me grinning. Oh, do I love the perspective shifts! There more I learn about Sal’s journey, the more intrigued and enthralled I am.

    I highly recommend this sinful series. You’ll be mesmerized by the sensuality and the finesse of the author’s prose. It’s simply magical.
    If you’re new to the Juliet world, this is the perfect place to start. If you’re already familiar with KRS’ words, Art, then you’ll want to collect the new pieces of the bigger picture!
    “I lived it. I breathed it. I survived it. And I was infected by it.”

  14. sj_callaway

    Oh what a look into Sal’s past. I loved Trudy and the interaction these two had, along with mutual admiration. You get a closer and more intimate look into Sal as a teenager, just starting out. I’m so looking forward to the future books.

  15. Sir Scott

    Sal’s first (from TLB book) – and maybe second? Sort-kinda. Trudy is quite the handful (and weekendful?) and keeps Sal busy, but there is more going on.

  16. booklovinchic90

    Wow! I have loved, hated and even loved to hate these characters throughout many books in Sal’s world. But going back to the beginning with Sal step by step and getting so much in depth information from him allows a much deeper look into his process of the man he has become – the how’s, why’s, when’s and where’s of it all.

    I’m really enjoying this intense ad emotional ride into the deepest depths of Lucas Salvatore Raniero and can’t wait for more of the Little Black Book!

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