Juliet – Hardback Rose Edition


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The Original. The Debut.

“Like nothing I’ve ever read before…”

a love story doesn’t always go the way you think it should

With a key in her deceased husband’s belongings,
Iris embarks on a journey in search of the truth.
With every clue leading to another, she soon understands
the criminal labyrinth she has stumbled upon, but it is too late to escape.

Things are not what they seem in the sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere,
but when she meets a mysterious young man,
he provides the answers to every question she has.

His name is Sal Raniero.
And he’s been stalking her for years.

He haunts her every thought as they discover freedom in one another.
The secrets unfurl, and the web of lies expands into a new shape of love,
one she must accept or abandon.
In realizing she is not the girl she used to be,
Iris must choose what her heart desires.

And if loving the dark prince of the mafia is worth the price.


Iris and Sal’s love story continues in a Tomb of Ashen Tears.

KINKY SEX MAGIC (Author’s Cut) spoiler scenes from JULIET

Juliet and Kinky Sex Magic are also available in paperback.


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