Forbidden Sins (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 6)(TAT6)

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Book 6 of TAT Series

Falling is easy.
Landing hurts.

When their relationship is threatened by the reckless crime committed against the Lotus Queen, the heightened emotions drive the unholy trinity to take desperate measures.

With their world turned upside down, Sal, Deacon, and Iris attempt to learn the new shape of their love as revenge, rage, and baby Raniero take center stage. But nothing is the same. Feelings are silenced. Hearts are broken. Damage is done.

Can they avoid the fatal crash, or is it too late to save the romance they once shared?

a Tomb of Ashen Tears is an ongoing mafia saga in one world following the same characters throughout the series. Not a “traditional” romance. Love is a winding, sometimes dark road; Iris and Sal’s happily ever after promised at the end.

TAT Books bring an epic-length love story with heartbreaking tragedies and beautiful entanglements. Books 1 and 2 are intentionally slower-paced to build up the backstory. The cast kicks it into high gear in book 3, increasing intensity in each subsequent installment.

Also available in TAT MAFIA Series Love🌈Edition.

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4 reviews for Forbidden Sins (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 6)(TAT6)

  1. tat2dgothic

    The TAT series is just magnificent, there’s no other word that can describe it. Each book just gets better and I’m going to be crushed when this series ends. Another great read like always.

  2. jcrockchick69

    The pure brilliance of Kailee shines dark in this unbelievable story that will leave you emotionally drained and desperately haunting for more. This one is big with a lot going on so prepare your mind and your heart. The journey continues with Sal, Iris and Deacon and the rollercoaster of emotions in love, life and the cutthroat business of the mafia world. Some will stand trustworthy while others will be the ultimate betrayal. “Falling didn’t mean failing; falling meant rising with more fight.” Sal now having children and being a dad has shifted the importance of his priorities. He has grown and is making changes to be a better man. Sal with Mae, Sal with Ariella..just pure gold! “A butterfly cannot be caged.” How does he keep loving someone and make them stay when all they want are wings to fly? Even a horrific tragedy will not stop Queen Iris from soaring. She is never to be counted down and out but can she be trusted..I am still questioning that. “Don’t let him go. But don’t drown yourself trying to save him either.” Deacon is always the Saint, the savior, but he has his own demons and now they are out fully blazing. How does he survive or should I say if he does constantly leaves you on edge. I was crushed by Deacon, full out crying. Seeing him hurting and his walls finally breaking down was completely heartbreaking. “Sometimes words are deadlier than bullets.” There are not enough words to describe every single emotion that I felt on every page of this book. Kailee’s mind is unlike no other and her words make you not only feel a “real” Sugergrove and people but true raw emotions that will stay with you forever. Every single book in this series is important to the whole story and getting to that hopefully happy ending. KRS outdid herself with Forbidden Sins, I absolutely loved every minute….pure perfection!

  3. ginaklug

    I can’t even begin to process all the emotions I’m feeling from this episode of Sal’s world. These characters have become my family. In between Kailee’s incredible words, I miss them. I wish this spectacular world was my world.

    About 6% into the book, Deacon reaches into Iris’ darkness to try and flip her script. He has an inner dialog about the heart and love and breathing…..
    “We’re uniquely focused on the heart’s representation of love, but I question the idea because to love fully, unconditionally, without borders or boundaries we must encompass all that we are and give it to another. …….And so, we breathe together.”

    Kailee is a word genius. She seriously messes with your mind and heart, but embrace it! I love and breathe with these characters. Its incredible that they know eachother so well. And the evolving INNER dialog between them proves it. Each book gets better and better and I have a harder time every book finding words that will do it justice. And so, we breathe together. We embrace it and we wait for the next epic masterpiece. Dive in, you won’t regret it.

  4. emilycdorsey

    “The road ahead is longer than the steps I have traveled, but will not fear. I will not falter.”

    This is KRS at her finest. I had to pause so many times throughout this book to make sure I read what I read correctly. Thinking to myself that surely this can’t be right!! This can’t be happening. I have too many emotions going through me right now and I don’t know how to process them.

    “His kisses are sweet, with a dedication and loyalty that I know I will never find anywhere else. Sal and Deacon love me.”

    After everything we have been through Sal, Iris and Deacon are part of la mia famiglia! I love them with all my heart and when something happens to them I feel it in my heart as if it has happened to me. KRS always keeps me on my toes and begging for more. And I know in my bones this is nowhere near the end.

    “This is my domain. I own it. I dominate it. I control it.”

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