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How is this happening?

How am I breathing water?

Am I dead?


Splash into an underwater adventure with your favorite characters in this short story of

layered make-believe. With a love of Halloween and Sugargrove in tow, Juliet characters will have a chance to play dress up in an altered world. The fantastical journey illuminates in the first annual edition of Kailee Reese Samuels’ Nocturne books.


I want to cry out.

I want to scream his name.


Familiarity with Kailee Reese Samuels’ books is highly recommended.

Nocturne books are not standalone, but accent pieces to her other books; she crafted Nocturne specifically for her fans.


As with all of her words, expect a whirlwind—only this time, in the sea.


Limited release for one year.

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  1. emilycdorsey (verified owner)

    “I am the light; he is the dark. And sometimes, even angels have to visit their devils in hell.”

    Mermaids pirates and Sal oh my!!!!
    A Shimmering Dream is a seductive tale that happens under the sea. Going in I knew this was going to be a hot and steamy little treat but I wasn’t expecting it to cause me to shed a few tears along the way. When it comes to a certain couple my love runs deep, which in turn, causes me to become a complete emotional mess.

    “No one ever said being his girlfriend would be easy. No one said loving him would hurt so much.”

    I loved how so many different characters made appearances and how more than a few parts tugged on my heart. Be sure to have an ice cold glass of water near by because a few scenes are scorching hot!! I mean panty melting hot!! As always I am left begging please, please, please I need more!!! I honestly believe everyone can enjoy this book even if you aren’t into mermaids or pirates. I can’t wait to see what is in store for next years Nocturnal Annual!

    “He is my one, my only— my salvation and my damnation, my curse and my blessing— and trust is the key.”

    • kailee samuels

      Thank you Emily!

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