A Dark Place (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 5)(TAT5)

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Book 5 of TAT Series

He doesn’t need training.
He doesn’t need practice.
The invitation dropped in his hand.
One he cannot refuse.

There will be no shame amongst the famiglia.

No boundaries. No rules.
A dark place awaits for a rebellious monster.

a Tomb of Ashen Tears is an ongoing mafia saga in one world following the same characters throughout the series. Not a “traditional” romance. Love is a winding, sometimes dark road; Iris and Sal’s happily ever after promised at the end.

TAT Books bring an epic-length love story with heartbreaking tragedies and beautiful entanglements. Books 1 and 2 are intentionally slower-paced to build up the backstory. The cast kicks it into high gear in book 3, increasing intensity in each subsequent installment.

Also available in TAT MAFIA Series Love🌈Edition.

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eBook, Signed Paperback

2 reviews for A Dark Place (a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 5)(TAT5)

  1. ginaklug

    Kailee really comes out swinging in this newest installment! SDI continue to surprise, shock, and excite me as they navigate over and over new twists, turns and f’ed up situations! The witty banter between Sal and Deacon is on a whole new level and Iris’ B-A Queen behavior reaches an all time height! Their unholy bond is stronger than ever and anyone who tries to get in the way…look out! Beware of the crowbar.
    There have been several times I’ve had to take a break and breathe and other times when I had to turn my fan up to high because it was so hot! A Dark Place is full of angst, heartache and more emotional upheaval than I can say. There isn’t enough I can say to give this book and Ms. Kailee’s highly coveted words the respect it deserves. Every book has been better and better. Thank you, Ma’am.

  2. emilycdorsey

    “Desolate roads lead to nowhere and yet…everywhere.”

    KRS managed to rip my freaking heart out and butcher it to tiny little pieces. I cannot even process my emotions enough to write a full review at the moment. I don’t think I have ever had a book affect me this much in my life. I’m a complete freaking mess. I don’t know how I feel right now…broken and confused. My heart actually hurts. IT PHYSICALLY HURTS!!! This one is brutal so be prepared because it will destroy you in a way that no other book has before.

    “My scars won’t be forgotten.”

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