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You’re gonna go and run, do and play.

And have fun and laugh.

Keep breathing and moving forward.

You’re not gonna give up.

You don’t get that place.

That’s my space – I own it.

I go, and you stay.

We are balanced.

We always have been.

I’m gonna die, but you’re gonna live.

And fall in love, Sal.


Standalone. Ugly fucking cry. 

There is romance, but no HEA.

“This is about the journey, not the end. The end is an ugly place.”

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He calls me his Pixie, but I am not a nice girl. After years of fighting to stay alive, I’ve been issued an expiration date, and it’s approaching way too soon. I’ve got a guaranteed loss, but my ruthless power ensures his victory, long after he buries me.


My scheme is dark and sinister, but I can’t waste what time I have. If he does what I say, my legacy will live through Sal for all eternity.




Kaci’s idea of romantic courtship involved drugging, kidnapping, and training me to become an assassin. Then, like a fool, I asked her to marry me because I’m a nice guy and believe in doing the right thing. I didn’t know an ‘I do’ meant her planning out the rest of my life. From what deals I make to who I date, I am morphing into Kaci’s creation.


Every day, I ask myself why I stay, and the answer is always the same—leaving means taking the seat next to my crime boss father, and I won’t do that.


Even if it means evolving into the monster built by a dead girl.


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